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By Eric Leister – AccuWeather

Strong Typhoon Megi will blast Taiwan and eastern China with hazardous flooding as the latest tropical system to spin through the region.

Early Monday night, rain from Megi moved into Japan’s southernmost Ryukyu Islands and eastern Taiwan creating blustery conditions, but the most intense winds remained to the east across the Philippines Sea.

Danger to lives and property will heighten late Monday night as the typhoon takes aim at land.

Typhoon Megi to Blast Taiwan with Damaging Winds and Flooding Rain

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VIDEO: Building crumbles into raging river during deadly flooding in China


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Tropical Storm Dujuan is on track to strengthen into a powerful typhoon with Japan’s Ryukyu Islands in its path and mainland Japan, Taiwan and eastern China on alert for potential impacts.

Dujuan has been steadily strengthening since Thursday when it overcame its battle with disruptive wind shear. That trend will continue into this weekend as strong wind shear remains absent and Dujuan churns northwestward over the warm waters of the Philippine Sea.

Dujuan is expected to become a typhoon later Friday and intensify into the strength of a Category 3 hurricane by Sunday. It is even possible for Dujuan to reach Category 4 hurricane strength later in the weekend.

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RADAR: Rain Soaking Japan Well Ahead of Dujuan

By Eric Leister – AccuWeather

Goni battered western Japan and southeast Korea with damaging winds and flooding rainfall on Tuesday and is now tracking northward through the Sea of Japan.

The next target for Goni will be northeast China and southeast Russia, including Yanbian, China and Vladivostok, Russia.

Goni will continue to weaken prior to making its final landfall around Vladivostok, Russia, during the middle of the week. Flooding rainfall and wind gusts of 65 to 95 kph (40 to 60 mph) will remain a threat around the borders of southeast Russia, northeast China and northern North Korea for several days before Goni dissipates across the interior of China.

Rainfall of 50-100 mm (2-4 inches) will be common across this region, with localized amounts exceeding 150 mm (6 inches) leading to a high risk for flash flooding.

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Goni remains a powerful typhoon as it batters Japan’s Ryukyu Islands and aims for southern Japan and South Korea early this week.

The eye of Goni crossed the Yaeyama Islands, the southwestern most Ryukyu Islands, on Sunday evening local time (Sunday morning EDT) with destructive winds and torrential rainfall.

After weakening as it lashed the northern Philippines, Goni has since strengthened with its intensity now equal to that of a major hurricane in the Atlantic or eastern Pacific oceans. Goni left 15 people dead, mainly due to landslides, in the Philippines, the Associated Press reports.

Within the eyewall of Goni, Ishigakijima recorded sustained winds of 162 kph (101 mph) and a gust to 255

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After turning deadly in the Philippines, Typhoon Goni will turn northward and track near Taiwan this weekend before taking aim at Japan and South Korea.

Despite its center and worst of its fury raging just offshore, Typhoon Goni has claimed four lives in the Philippines’ Luzon Island on Friday.

The Associated Press reports that three of the deaths were the result of a landslide. Another man died after being pinned by a tree.

The mountain city of Baguio was inundated with 303 mm (nearly a foot) of rain in just 30 hours from Thursday to Friday. Additional flooding and mudslides will remain a serious concern across Luzon even after Goni slowly departs to the north by Saturday.

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Japan to Escape Blow From Typhoon Atsani

This satellite image of Goni is courtesy of NOAA.

By Eric Leister – AccuWeather

Goni will remain north of Luzon; however, the large size of the storm will cause strong winds and torrential rain to impact the northern and northwestern parts of the island as well as the Babuyan Islands to the north of the main island of Luzon.

A total of 150 to 300 mm (6 to 12 inches) of rain with locally higher amounts is expected across northern and northwestern Luzon, dramatically heightening concerns for flash flooding and mudslides.

Wind gusts of 95 to 130 kph (60 to 80 mph) will whip the northeastern tip of Luzon with more destructive winds targeting the Babuyan Islands.

After battering the northern Philippines, Goni will turn dramatically northward and pass just east of Taiwan this weekend.

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Super Typhoon Atsani to Approach Japan Next Week

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Tropical Storm Atsani strengthened into a typhoon early on Sunday morning, soon followed by Goni which became a typhoon several hours later.

Outer rain bands from Goni continue to batter the Mariana islands, and will eventually target the corridor from Taiwan to the Korean Peninsula.

These tropical systems first took shape to the east of Guam last week and are both expected to become intense typhoons this week.

While Atsani will remain over open water this week, Goni will eventually reach Taiwan late in the week and into the weekend.

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