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By Jonathan Benson – Natural News

(NaturalNews) Energy companies are billing them as the “green” solution to traditional meters. But are so-called “smart” meters really all that smart? And, more importantly, are they really as safe as we’re all being told they are?

Some 65 million American homes already have them, and more are being converted all the time, even against the will of some homeowners. And yet many doctors agree that smart meters are a potential health threat due to constant releases of radiation.

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By Waking Times 

Over the last decade, millions of homes worldwide have been outfitted with smart meters. Power utility companies continue to force smart meters upon the population under the argument that they allow a more accurate and concise measurement of home energy usage, and give the resident and utility provider more visibility of and control over power consumption. Yet, concerns continue to grow about the potential dangers from the electro-magnetic radiation given off by these devices.

The US Federal Communications Commission and the World Health Organization (WHO) claim that the broadcasting frequencies emitted by smart meters are safe to humans, even though in May of 2011, the WHO officially recognized that wireless radiation such as that emitted by smart meters is possibly carcinogenic. So, according to the WHO, smart meters are safe, except that they may cause cancer – a questionable contradiction.

Hundreds of independent scientific studies have shown that smart meters create a vast and clear health hazard in addition to emitting carcinogenic radiation, and many people living around smart meters have reported insomnia, rashes, headaches, disorientation, neuropathy, sinus issues, thyroid problems, hyperactivity, and other illnesses after the installation of a smart meter. There have also been many instances of smart meters catching fire and destroying homes.

Smart meters emit high-frequency RF radiation 24/7, from 250mWatts to 2.0Watts. At times, the radiation from a smart meter can be up to 160 times the radiation of a cell phone. Unlike your other wireless devices, you have no control over when the device is on and when it is turned off. In some multi-unit homes and apartment buildings, roomfuls of smart meters emit radiation that could be quite dangerous.

Most people aren’t given an option regarding whether they can keep an old meter or have a smart meter installed. Even if a choice is given, it can be costly, and a monthly fee is often associated with having an old meter. Nevertheless, up to now power companies supported by government have made it appear that it is mandatory to switch to a smart meter. They tout the benefits and don’t discuss the potential health risks. Once a resident discovers that their body reacts negatively to the continuous radiation emitted by a smart meter, it is often too late, or very costly, to remove it.

An alternative for many people, thus, will be to protect themselves by shielding the smart meter and reducing its excessive and harmful radiation. The solutions below are examples of what you can do to reduce smart meter radiation output, while still allowing the meter to communicate energy usage with the utility company.

Smart Meter Guard

Below are two videos from Smart Meter Guard demonstrating their wire-mesh, stainless steel Faraday cage that completely covers the smart meter, resulting in a 98% reduction in radiation. This product is a bit costly, at about $130, but it requires no assembly, is very simple to install and is said to fit any brand of smart meter in the US or Canada. The cage can be purchased via or you can go to the company’s website directly.

Radiation blocked outside the house

Radiation blocked inside the house

Smart Meter Block

Another company has created a similar shield, the Smart Meter Block, which is made out of nickel-coated copper. It is slightly more economical at $89, and the company claims that it still blocks about 99% of excessive smart meter radiation. The product comes with size-adjusting inserts and a Velcro tension strap to secure the meter. The company also sells an EMF protection panel and shielding sheets, at additional cost, which can be installed inside the home. All the products are available on their website. Here’s a demonstration of the effectiveness of the Smart Meter Block.

Do-It-Yourself Smart Meter Shield

If you’re on a budget, want a portable solution or live outside of North America, you can make your own smart meter shield using reflective, double-sided bubble-wrap insulation and aluminum foil tape. The home-made shield may not be as effective as the two previous options, but it is still likely to reduce the smart meter’s radiation output by 90%. To create your own shield, following the instructional video below.

RF Reflectors and RF Absorbers

A company called LessEMF, which distributes a variety of products that measure and protect you from EMF radiation, offers two types of wall shielding material – RF reflectors and RF absorbers. These are said to reduce smart meter radiation inside the home up to 95%. An RF reflector will cause the majority of the signal to bounce off, somewhat like a mirror reflects light. It will usually offer better shielding (less RF transmission) than an absorbing material. An RF absorber will absorb much of the signal and minimize reflection. The energy absorbed is released as a tiny, almost indeterminate amount of heat. In both cases, some amount of RF passes through the shield. LessEMF offers RF reflectors and absorbers in the form of fabric, paints, curtains, laminated film material, garments and bedding via their website.

Find out more about smart meter harm at and

If you still don’t have a smart meter on your home and prefer to keep it that way, you can purchase all types of labels and signs to make your choice known from

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By Melissa MeltonThe Daily Sheeple  

Bloomberg News began its recent piece on this with the slightly different line, “Warren Buffett wants to tell you the best time to wash your clothes.”

But the article continues on with not just Buffett wanting to give you a friendly reminder of a more cost-effective time of day to use energy…

No apparently, in conjunction with Siemens AG, Buffett’s UK Northern Powergrid Holdings Company is testing a new smart-grid system that will be able to literally take control of when a homeowner can use their appliances. They are testing quote, “a so-called smart grid that has the ability to control when consumer appliances will be used in the home.”

Bloomberg is using the phrase “behavioral shift.”

Hundreds of millions of smart meters have been installed all over the globe at this point. Testing of these kinds of systems is going on right now in the U.S., United Kingdom, Australia and France among others. Some smart grid projects are using smart meter systems that send signals from every outlet in a home every fifteen seconds, essentially giving anyone sitting at the grid’s control hub a complete view of every move involving energy inside a home.

Flip on a light? Take a shower? Make a cup of coffee? Flush the toilet? Well under these smart grid systems, you are also making data and someone somewhere is going to know about it. If you use more electricity than your neighbors, well then, you are also a statistical outlier, something that has given police probable cause to randomly question people in the past on the basis they might be growing drugs in their home due their increased electricity usage…

Kinda like that Christmas song… They know when you are sleeping, they know when you’re awake…

Speaking of, they do have talking thermostats now, too. They’re supposed to be all trendy and cool. Combined with the smart grid however, and it comes off more like the super computer HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey. You go to turn on your air conditioner and hear a calm voice say, “I’m afraid I can’t let you do that, Dave…”

What about privacy? Like Bilderberg asked at their annual meeting last year, “does it exist?” (Obviously in this modern day and age of big data, the question was largely rhetorical.)

Buffett and Bloomberg, by the way, are members of the “super friends” club that billionaire Bill Gates likes to hang out with and talk overpopulation.

Smart grid technology is one more rung on the ladder to a complete technocratic slave grid where austerity and artificial scarcity rule the day.

(On a side note, they want everyone on this system to “save resources” and the planet, etc., but when someone tries to go off grid and be energy efficient on their own without a smart meter being fed to a giant database somewhere, some states have made it illegal.)

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