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By Nicholas – Modern Survival Online

When assembling your survival armory, you will need to focus on buying guns that each fills a specific need. I recommend that at least one of those guns should be a bolt-action hunting rifle in a long-range caliber such as .308 or .30-06, fitted with a scope.

While a bolt action rifle may not be the gun that you use the most (in fact, it might be the gun you use the least in a SHTF situation), no gun collection or survival armory is complete without one. Let’s go over the reasons why you should own one, and then talk about the top five models to consider.


To many, a scoped bolt action hunting rifle with a blued barrel and wooden stock is the archetypal American firearm. That being said, there are still many more reasons to own a bolt-action rifle beyond trying to fit in with fellow preppers:

Big Game Hunting

First and foremost, a long-range rifle in a larger caliber does something that a smaller rifle in an intermediate caliber (such as an AR or AK) cannot do. It can take down big game. Granted, people use AR-15s in 5.56 for deer hunting all the time, but a larger round such as .308 or .30-06 is still a better choice. Especially if you plan on going after even larger game such as elk, bear, or moose.

Long-Range Anti-Personnel Weapon

All the same, you can also use the old hunting rifle you keep in your closet as a long-range anti-personnel weapon if you have to as well. If your home or property is being attacked by opponents at distances that are too far away for your pistols, shotguns, or even your AR-15, a hunting rifle in a bigger caliber will do the job. Yes, it has a slow rate of fire and reloading times, but it will still accurately reach targets at distances that none of your other weapons can.

Using a rifle as an anti-personnel weapon at great distances can be tricky, but one fellow writer (Reaper) breaks it down in his article “How to Shoot Like a Sniper”. In that article, he describes various techniques you can use to accurately engage targets at long distances. Since we’re on the subject of bolt-action rifles that can reach out to greater distances, check it out.

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4 Stunning Long-Range Rifles That Will Shoot Past 1,000 Yards

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By Mike S. Off The Grid News

Perhaps the most impressive display of marksmanship is true long-range shooting. Reaching out to a target at 1,000 yards or beyond requires skill, knowledge and lots of practice to do it right.

While some may deem it as impractical to hit a target at half a mile, the amount of research that goes into selection of the rifle, optics and ammunition — plus learning how to read wind, observe the effects of humidity, air pressure and elevation are all factors that will make you a better shooter in the long run.

Yes, it is true that long-range shots can be made with typical rifle calibers such as 308 Winchester, 30-06 Springfield and 7.62 X 54R, but these calibers were not designed with extreme ranges in mind.

Here are four long-range rifles you should consider:

1. 300 Winchester Magnum

Prized for its ability as a flat-shooting cartridge, the 300 Winchester Magnum is capable of…

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4 Versatile ‘Deadeye’ Optics For The Backwoods Rifleman

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By Kevin Danielsen Off The Grid News

I absolutely love multi-purpose gear which can be used in a wide variety of scenarios, settings and applications.

But selecting an optic for your rifle can become tricky, because you just don’t know what ranges you will be pressed to engage (whether, say, five yards or 500). Thus, to slap a 20x piece of glass on your AR’s Picatinny rail could leave you at a major disadvantage. That’s why I’ve put together a list of optics that would be ideal for just about anything.

Here’s my criteria for what made the list…

Our selected optics must be operationally independent from batteries and have a high level of:

  • Durability
  • Versatility
  • Ingenuity

Also this means that, unlike actual Pentagon-approved military combat missions, we won’t be able to change up and top off our loadout between engagements after a quick stop at the PX … or await extraction via Blackhawk medevac when we’re in a tight spot and losing blood.

Here, then, is the list, starting with No. 4:

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How To Mount A Scope, The Right Way

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By Zach Dunn Off The Grid News

There are two methods of doing things in life: the wrong way and the right way. The right way often may take longer, but the results are almost always much better than the wrong way. This is especially true when it comes to the wonderful world of firearms and shooting. There certainly is a wrong vs. right way.

For the two decades I have been a firearms instructor, I have seen both the right way and the wrong way. The wrong way is certainly not pretty.

When it comes to properly mounting an optic on a firearm, I have seen many people get it oh-so-very wrong. I’ve seen optics fly off of rifles or take a pounding from rattling around loose mounts screwing up the zero. The wrong way can cost you a deer, a competition or even your life.

The right way can fill your freezer, win trophies and protect your life and that of your family.  It only takes a little bit of time and perhaps a few extra dollars to do this the right way.

Let’s discuss the right way to mount an optic on your firearm.

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Gun Cleaning Kit

By  – SurvivoPedia

Last week we’ve talked about what you need to pay attention too when choosing your gun cleaning kit. We looked at the best cleaners, solvents and lubricants, as well as at the things you need to pay close attention too. But what helps me the most is having a good, trust-worthy friend recommending their favorite products.

So today I’m going to be just that for you and we’re going to discuss our best choices when it comes to gun cleaning kits.

Keep in mind that when choosing your gun cleaning kit you should always look for good quality tools. These tools should be well made and designed to last under heavy cleaning.

The following 8 cleaning kits are very popular and very useful.

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Gun Cleaning

By  – SurvivoPedia

Do you really want to give intruders or others with harmful intent an opportunity to harm you or your family members just because your guns are so dirty they misfire or jam up at the worst possible moment? I bet you don’t.

Make time to clean your weapons and get into the habit of doing so regularly. And take a good look at the article below so you could do it right and safe!

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By Ken Jorgustin – Modern Survival Blog

There is a pincer movement taking place on ammunition. The ATF is coming after it on one side and the EPA is coming after it on the other. Apparently the gun-grabbers are this time focusing on the ammunition more-so than the gun…

Here’s how they’re doing it:


The following is paraphrased from having listened to a segment of Mark Levin’s broadcast last night, and I thought that some of you might be interested to know the latest angle of attack.
Gun grabbers spend much of their time wringing their hands over so called ‘assault rifles’ which are ‘scary looking’. These same gun-grabbers often insist that they don’t want to bother us about our hunting rifles, but instead want to rid us of our AR-15s (‘assault’ rifle) – which apparently, unknown to them are typically chambered for small caliber rounds (e.g. .223) compared to many (most) so-called hunting rifles.

Here’s what’s going on now though-

The ATF is apparently reasoning towards some pre-determined specific goal – the banning of what they wish to classify as ‘armor-piercing ammunition’ (which may typically include bullet materials other than lead such as tungsten alloy, steel, etc..). At the same time the EPA is being pressured and apparently working towards banning lead bullets altogether – forcing ammunition manufacturers and suppliers to look for alternatives to lead based bullets – which are the very same bullets as those which may be re-classified as ‘armor-piercing’ – and banned.

Here’s how they’re apparently trying to do it-

First they’re going after the AR-15 ammunition (probably the most popular in the US).

Note that there are existing federal regulations regarding so called ‘armor-piercing’ ammunition.

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