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By TaraModern Survival Online

When the SHTF, information will become a very powerful commodity. Initially, the breaking news about the doomsday disaster will likely blare from the television screen, radio, the internet in general and social media platforms in particular. But, those high tech methods of communications so many people currently take for granted, will almost assuredly cease within possibly hours to days after the apocalyptic event began.

There really isn’t a single SHTF scenario that will not, sooner or later, impact or completely take down the power grid. Whether the disaster is natural or man-made, or even a pandemic, at some point, workers will be unable to too fearful, to return to their place of employment.

After the initial stages of the doomsday disaster, local news is going to probably become far more important and critical to your survival than national news. If we are in the midst of a Red Dawn type World War 3 scenario, you will want to know how the battle is going everywhere on American soil, but learning about hostilities occurring in or near your neck of the woods, will be an immediate and ongoing necessity.

Whether your are bugging in or bugging out, knowing what is going on around you should be a priority. The news you collect will guide you to making informed decisions that will impact both the immediate and long-term survival of your family or mutual assistance group.

If modern communications systems go down immediately after a SHTF scenario, a communications plan – and a low tech backup, should be practiced and in place. The odds of you and your loved ones being all together or at home when the apocalypse hits are at the very best, 50 percent.

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