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By Ryan – Modern Survival Online

If you want to become more prepared for a survival situation, the information available can be overwhelming. Some sites are trying to teach you how to start a fire with a block of ice, while celebrities on television are telling you to drink your own urine. What?

Thankfully there are a few simple skills that you can learn to make a huge impact on a survival situation. These skills all revolve around the four pillars of survival:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Shelter

If you have the skills to secure these items in the first 72 hours, you should have a good chance of finding help or getting rescued. Below are the most important basic skills you can learn for a survival situation.

Building a Fire

I put this skill at the top of our list because it can virtually help with any situation. A fire can help you purify water, cook food, keep away predators, kill bacteria, avoid insects, and help you see at night.

The first step to building a fire is having a way to ignite it. To keep your fire-building as simple as possible, I suggest you keep a fire steel, a high carbon steel knife, and a lighter with you at all times. The lighter is great until it runs out of fuel, but the fire steel and knife will always help you ignite your fire.

Next you want to gather your tinder, kindling, and fuel wood. Always start with tinder as it is the hardest material to find. Fluffy and dry is best for tinder, but anything thinner than the lead of a pencil can work. Fluff from cattails or bird’s nests are good natural tinder if you can find them. Birch bark and pine resin also have chemicals that will ignite even when wet.

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