2 comments on “How to Survive a Nuclear Attack

  1. Unless you have a way to survive at least two weeks of fallout I doubt you could survive a nuclear attack. How many people have two weeks supply of water, food, medicines stockpiled?

    How many people even know what materials and how thick those materials need to be to block fallout? Contrary to most of the fifties Civil Defense literature, few people have the space to build such a structure. If the government were concerned they’d promote such a program.

    A trench twenty foot deep into which a concrete structure could be buried and waterproofed would provide what most people need. As long as the dimensions were sufficient for 6 people with the appropriate air filters, blast buffers, and protected doors and entry ways, you should be able to make it. Two weeks food and water isn’t too much. Add in EMP protected radio, computer, generator and you’d be set.

    I wouldn’t forget several firearms of different types and an ample ammo supply. Remember if things got bad some items like aspirins and antibiotics would be worth their weight in good.

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