3 comments on “The Prepared Home: 50 Essential Items to Put in Your Ultimate Survival Medical Kit

  1. Here is the problem. I have half a dozen first aid kits. One I carry on a hike, one for a multiday hike, one in my travel trailer, a large one at home. I have tried to appropriately include the right things for each kit. The problem is if a kit has “the right things” it is so large I do not and would not carry it. It’s even too large to put in the car or trailer. My hiking/camping kit mostly has a few bandaids and antibiotic, things I could use for a small cut or a blister. My trailer kit is about the same but with a few over the counter medications. Probably in an emergency the kit will be zero use to me. Because the complete kit is sitting at home on a shelf; about $150 worth of never used stuff from someone’s list.

    Here is my suggestion/challenge: Make a kit that would fit in a coffee cup that would be useful in dealing with trauma, i.e. a large cut and/or major bleeding. I assume your response would be that it can’t be done, not enough room in a coffee cup for everything you need. But if you did take on the challenge I would like to see what you include and what you leave out.

  2. My number one issue are the items that expire. Not just the medical items like eye drops, ointments etc, but items like Quikclot. Any suggested way to be on top of the expiration dates in an organized way?

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