3 comments on “FBI Releases Fatal Shooting Video of Oregon Rancher

  1. I don’t disagree with their cause, the ranchers, however I watched the video online and it did appear that he reached for a gun on the inside of his vest.

  2. I would say its hard to say, He put his hands down yes, but was it because he was shot there? I noticed the snow was deep and it would be hard to walk in the snow with your hands up, or maybe he was reaching for a gun, but he did so rather slowly, I would think that as soon as he saw the amount of feds he would know that he wouldn’t have a chance to even get a shot off. I feel like he was smarter then that. Its still so horrible that a man is dead, and a wife without her husband and children without a father, grandchildren without a granddad. I see a people giving over its country to a government that is out of line. Just my opinion.

  3. So, if he reached for a gun, there was time to shoot him in the shoulder, leg or hand? FBI may not be trained to shoot and bring the person in alive but they automatically may practice to shoot in the head or heart. Hunters with life time experience usually develop a pause, like, do I really want to shoot this animal? They could have brought him down with a 22 rifle and he would have survived. Was he Schitzoid? People are scarred when dealing with a mentally ill person. We have rifles that shoot bullets that put an animal to sleep, why can’t they do the same with a human?

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