3 comments on “The Calibers You Need When The Grid’s Down

    • There are several good points to this article I believe why guns help, not trying to get into a whole gun debate but here are my thoughts.
      1.) Unfortunately not all people have good intentions and are into the whole help your fellow man concept or peace on earth. As much as I would like to think that’s the way it is reality shows a different story. For those types of individuals you would need to protect yourself and your family or stand by and watch them do as they will and take what they want, supplies, your wife or daughter. Having a firearm is not a guarantee of survival but it sure helps even the odds and most criminal types are looking for the easy targets and ones that won’t fight back.

      2.) Ammo would be a great bartering item in this scenario. You can trade for supplies you need or services.

      3.) For hunting to put food on the table.

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