2 comments on “Report: “Russian Invasion Survival Manual” To Be Issued To Citizens In European Union

  1. Report: “Russian Invasion Survival Manual” To Be Issued To Citizens In European Union

    Just in case you haven’t figured out how to connect the dots yet, recently the all the truth all the time news media has been broadcasting that Bulgaria is preparing to defend itself against Islam terrorists right?

    Well reality is not at all saying this. What Bulgaria, Lithuania and Czechoslovakia fear the most is a RUSSIAN INVASION. THAT IS The REAL REASON THEIR MILITARIZES are GETTING PREPARED.

    NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Europe, U.S. Air Force General Philip Breedlove, voiced concern about Moscow using a tactic of snap military exercises to prepare its forces for possible rapid incursions into a neighbouring state, as it had done in the case of Ukraine’s Crimea region.

    Breedlove further states that it is impossible to defend against the coming Russian invasion without pre-positioning assets in the area, “especially in the Baltics and other places“. If this does not imply the General isn’t expecting an invasion of Eastern Europe, I do not know what would.

    Also, the United States Government considers Bulgaria to have a favorable foreign investment regime, including low, flat corporate and income taxes. Promising sectors for foreign investors include: information technology, telecommunications, environmental technology (including water and waste water infrastructure), biomass, agriculture (including beverage/processed foods industry), and other sectors related to infrastructure development.

    The US says that Bulgaria is a stable U.S. ally, and is a member of NATO, the EU, and the WTO.

    Recently Bulgaria purchased massive amounts of US Treasury Bills. All of this is a coincidence I’m sure.

    The Daily News (Eureopean) states; ”

    Bulgaria and Lithuania fear they could be next on Russia’s hit-list but U.S. Vice President Joe Biden promises: ‘We’re in this with you’

    Also,Pro-Russian militia have taken control of Ukraine’s naval base in Crimea Crimea’s leader has urged the Kremlin to go deeper into Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia expressed concern over the developments.

    Biden said the U.S. will defend any NATO member against ‘aggression’

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2584461/Bulgaria-Lithuania-fear-Russias-hit-list-U-S-Vice-President-Joe-Biden-promises-

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