2 comments on “Preppers: Be Careful What you Wish for

  1. dont get me wrong I’m one of the wish we could go back to simpler times people too, but I don’t want it to come as a teotwawki event. I personally want a farm in BFE with no neighbors or big brother to interfere. I’d be Amish but I disagree with the religion aspect. Too bad there aren’t enough people who truly want a more simple life. Enough of us willing to do it could make a big change for the good. But we live in a trophy for everyone, disposable everything, selfie society

  2. I agree! I hope I never see the day we have to use our preps. There will be a lot of death and destruction like you said, which will be very unfortunate. But our society has reached a point where there is little or no compassion for human life, no morals and is already inching towards anarchy by the day, because of financial instability and political agendas. People have become politically correct to the point of insanity. To be a patriotic and proud American will get you marked as an rightwing extremist and labeled a domestic terrorist. You can no longer pray or say the pledge of allegiance without offending someone. Our world in general is imploding in on itself. Secretly sometimes I feel like maybe a reset wouldn’t be a bad idea.

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