2 comments on “How can Bulletproof Vests Help Preppers Stay Protected this Winter?

  1. Excellent article.
    Something to understand about Kevlar or other ‘soft’ vests; the NIJ ratings allow for about a 44mm backface deformation. That means that while the projectile may be stopped, it can still break some ribs and/or give the bruise of a lifetime due to the vest being pushed up to 1.5 inches or so into your torso.

    Concerning hard (rifle) plates, remember the ceramic ones can be broken if dropped (compromising their bullet resistance) and you pay for replacing it, if you can. Your tax dollars buy replacements for our troops in the sandbox. Level IV steel plates are not much heavier that ceramic and are better at withstanding multiple hits.
    Get on Youtube and watch the videos before you decide on body armor.
    These companies provide rifle plates:
    Body armor, soft or hard, is a serious investment, so study carefully before you buy.

    And make sure you have a good (really good!) IFAK and blow-out kit because body armor only covers the vital organs. If you go in harm’s way you just might get shot where the vest doesn’t cover you.

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