4 comments on “When the CDC Tells Us to Prepare for the Ebola Pandemic, Things Are About to Get Real

  1. It seems there is a chance that the current ebola outbreak will produce a mutation in the virus that makes airborne transmission of the disease possible. Now is a god time to be sure you have enough food,water,prescription medications,personal hygiene supplies,first aid supplies,and the items needed to set up a sick room,or isolation room.
    If ebola does start spreading here in the U.S.-the only way to be 100% positive that you and your family do not get the disease is to be totally isolated from any other human contact.

    The plague cases in Colorado are nothing new,and nothing to panic about-it’s something that happens every year in CO,AZ,and NM. The plague is transmitted by fleas,as in the recent cases,it’s usually a dog that has fleas,gets the disease,then humans get it from the dog,because they are to close to the sick dog,and they get the bacteria on them,and it gets into their system.

    Back to ebola,the farther away from a large city you are-the better your chances of not being exposed to the virus,so if you have somewhere to go-be prepared to get there in a hurry if ebola is detected within 50-75 miles of your location.

  2. A pandemic is not sonething that I know a lot about. I primarily prepare for EMP or economic downturn. I know a lot of the stuff overlaps but I have some work to do. It seems to me that plastic and duct tape and N95 masks are top of the list, am I right?

  3. Read an article today that said even the N-100 masks may not be good enough,and will certainly not be good enough in the event that the virus mutates and the disease becomes transmitted by airborne contact-like the flu or common cold.

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