One comment on “Neighborhood Defense: People, Weapons and Supplies

  1. Besides shovels,and a good assortment of hand tools,a pick,mattock,post hole digger,and a sturdy flat shovel-like landscapers use to edge flower beds-will greatly speed up any digging projects that arise.

    I plan on using my gasoline powered generator at least an hour a day,maybe 90 minutes a day.
    It is fairly simple to modify the muffler on a gas powered generator,or switch to a larger,quieter muffler,or even add a second muffler.
    I used 3/4″ black pipe-like the type used for gas lines-and built an insulated box the generator is placed in,then the pipe runs from the exhaust outlet on the generator, to another partially buried insulated box that contains the muffler. (There was some welding and grinding involved to make an adapter from generator to the 3/4 pipe)
    You have to be real close to be able to hear it run.
    I have a small fan like the kind designed to use in heating ducts,that vents the heat from the generator out of the insulated box. I saved the fan from an old air hockey table. It draws very little power,and prevents the generator from overheating in the insulated box. The fan doesn’t let that much noise out,plus it alters the sound,so it’s not really recognizable as a gas powered engine.
    We also have some solar panels,and a windmill that turns an old car alternator to charge 12v batteries,a voltage inverter if we need ac power,and some 12v lights from an old camping trailer.
    The main reason I want to run the generator is to keep one freezer cold until the food in it is consumed. (That will be the first food we eat.)

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