One comment on “Coordinating your Neighborhood Intelligence and Response Plan

  1. “What if it is 4 guys with tattoos that you have never seen before in a car with guns and they say they live in the house on the next block? ”

    Bad example-many guys have tattoos,including returning Iraq/Afghanistan vets,tattoos are gaining popularity among young people,and some of us have had tattoos since long before they were popular.

    The 4 guys with tattoos could turn out to be your best allies.

    I agree 110% on the ROE,the idea of a NPT-( Neighborhood Protection Team)- or “neighborhood watch on steroids” is not to go around shooting anyone who comes to your neighborhood-it is to defend your neighborhood from those intent on either doing your family and neighbors harm, taking your supplies by force, or even taking over your neighborhood for themselves.
    Those seeking refuge or assistance in one form or another should be given whatever it is they are seeking-as long as you have the means to do so,fellow citizens are not the enemy-roving gangs kicking in doors and stealing from homes are a different subject.

    Here’s an example of appropriate use of deadly force-a roving gang is going house to house stealing whatever they can,and assaulting,even killing the homeowners-in such a situation-you are justified in using deadly force if said gang attempts to force their way into your home,your neighbor’s home,or if they assaulted members of your team to gain entry into the neighborhood.

    Just discussing having a NPT,and discussing ways to patrol,ways to strengthen your defenses,etc. is not going to do anyone any good unless the team trains together.
    It’s your neighborhood,none of your neighbors should have any problem with you walking through the neighborhood with your gear,including your pack.
    Here’s some thoughts on the subject from someone else…

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