4 comments on “Thinking About your Neighborhood from a Tactical Perspective

  1. Good points,and good idea-
    While I have no way of knowing what the next article will discuss,it seems there are a couple of things that should have been mentioned in the first article on this subject…
    The time to form your “neighborhood watch on steroids” otherwise known to many as a NPT,or Neighborhood Protection Team, is now,last year would have been better.
    Your team should be actively training for a SHTF event,making patrols now,carrying your gear -minus the rifle in most areas-with you. You need to hike the paths through the woods,the edge of woods/fields,access point for outsiders,and the streets.
    You need to do this while carrying your ruck or assault pack,all the planing in the world will do you no good if the guys who are supposed to be your NPT are sucking wind,doubled over gasping for air after hiking one block.
    Every member of your team needs to be in the best physical shape possible.
    If no one knows anything about patrolling,or how to set up a perimeter,or how to set up your team so that you won’t be shooting at each other,or how to use your rifle/shotgun/handgun in a combat situation-then get some training from someone who does-there are lots of guys offering patrolling classes,combat rifle classes,small unit tactics classes,etc.
    Most of the guys offering these courses will give discounts to teams taking the classes together.
    The time to get training if you need it is now,the time to train your team,in your neighborhood is now,the time to do more PT is now. All the tacticool gear on the planet will not help you if you can’t carry the gear in the field because you are to out of shape.
    Another reason to carry your gear in the field now-and a good one-is that you will find out what works and what does not.
    One last thing to consider-at least some of your team members need to have night vision devices-the bad guys ain’t gonna stop trying to take supplies from anyone and anyplace they can just because it’s dark.
    They also ain’t gonna give up if it’s raining,sleeting,snowing-now’s the time to make sure your rain gear works,and your cold weather gear works with the rest of your gear.

    Just some observations and suggestions that build on the idea of the “neighborhood watch on steroids”.

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