One comment on “Food Storage Calculator Spreadsheet – Free Download

  1. Awesome! I calculated my food storage requirements about 8 years ago and purchased a ton of food, only to discover that a lot of it is stuff me and my kids wouldn’t be able to live on very comfortably since we are gluten and lactose sensitive/intolerant. So, I’ve been looking into alternative foods to store and ways to grow foods when the SHTF. Besides, as a personal trainer, nutrition is so important when it comes to survival. Eating sauced up mac and cheese isn’t good for your body. You need to be fit and healthy to survive the worst case scenario. I would seriously urge people to include exercise equipment in their storage plans – like dumbbells, straps, weighted balls. Nothing beats working of stress and anxiety in a crises than breaking a sweat with some vigorous activity. Stay active, stay fit, stay alive!

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