3 comments on “Before you Start Prepping – What Are You Prepping For?

  1. Good post,great point about having gear and not knowing how to use it.
    Too many people read the lists of “essential gear” and buy a ton of stuff they’lll most likely never use,and if they did have to use it,it wouldn’t do them any good because they never took the time to learn how to use it properly.
    Then there’s those who think a long term SHTF situation is gonna be like a long camping trip,and they are gonna survive by fishing and hunting. That plan is no good,game will quickly become hunted out,too many fish will be taken for the population to sustain itself,and there will be no fish-or very few fish-unless you have a retreat/bug out location that is truly far enough away from “civilization” to make the camp/hunt/fish plan viable.

  2. A lot of lists have similar things on then. Almost all have food water, etc.. So that’s a good place to start. Also think about where you live, if no hurricanes come through your area then don’t prep for that, your problem might be snow storms instead for example. Thinking and planning are just as important as running out and buying gear!

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