2 comments on “The Unsustainable Absurdity of the Average American Diet

  1. This was great! I constantly wonder to myself things like “what did the pioneers eat for breakfast?” because they didn’t just open up a box of Corn Flakes. Thinking the “deep thoughts” like that help us improve our own diet and sustainable eating.

  2. Some things to note here:
    1. Farmers markets: Beware… not all produce is local… not all is grown by the people selling it. I learned yrs ago from an old friend who had a farm and sold at the local farmers market ; that she bought what she didn’t sell from Toronto (about 3 hrs from here), example: Bananas (can’t be grown here) …. and she told me that many of the vendors did this. They would drive to Toronto in the very early morning and purchase from a considerably larger market.

    2. You mentioned to see what doesn’t grow in your area. How about this: do your plant research to see what other out of area veggies and fruits (fruit trees too) that “could” be grown in your area. Example would be veggies or herbs that can be grown and stored (for winter), which can only be grown in your area in the summer or better months. There are many.

    3. Suggestion for apartment dewellers or city folks without gardening space (or not enough). Buy or rent a piece of land for growing your own veggies………..just make sure you have an easily accessible water source in case you don’t get enough rain. Research plans for what kinds of foods to grow and how much to grow to feed your family right now and for winter storage too. You may not be able to grow everything you want…… but you’ll have a fair bit so your family won’t starve.

    4. Most important: DON”T tell people what your doing ……….or they’ll be knocking on your door or otherwise stealing from you. When people are hungry … they resort to things they’d never have done before.

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