9 comments on “Survival Knives: Finding the Best Throwing, Tactical, or Hunting Knife For You

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  2. hey nice post… i like survival type stuff. been interested in this type of thing ever from i started watching national geographic… I have been researching best survival gears and equipment for the past couple of months and this is by far one of the best and most informative breakdown on survival knives i have come across… it just goes to show that if you dig deep you can find some gems… thanks man.. keep them coming….
    oh, only thing i have found close to you post in terms of attention to detail is this one… http://bestthrowingkniveshq.com/best-throwing-knives-and-gill-hibben-throwing-knives/

  3. Thanks for the post. I could stay at sites like these for days. I’ve been hooked on knives in general and especially throwing knives the past few weeks. Thanks for the info it helped!

  4. Hi, cool post! I noticed you did not list Buck under your list of famous knife brands? I think Buck makes some quality knives and would be a good brand to consider.

  5. I don’t think bowie knives are unpopular as you can use them efficiently as hunting tool, short sword and survival knife. It actually depends person to person how they take and use any knife.

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  7. Dan!! Excellent resource you have here, very informative and helpful!
    Haha I have always wanted to get good with throwing knives just takes a lot of practice 😛 anyways thanks for tis awesome post!

  8. This is a great post. I love reading about everyone’s opinions and ideas about survival knives.

    I personally like just a small folder because it is something that I can carry everyday and not get in trouble for.

    I wouldn’t want to have to dig into my back pack for my eleven inch massive Rambo knife while I was trapped in a burning car by my seat belt.

    Justin Trovrt

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