2 comments on “Obama’s War On Coal Is Going To Kill Jobs And Sent Electricty Rates ‘Skyrocketing’

  1. Here’s the thing. Coal really *is* about the dirtiest thing we burn. There really is no such thing as a ‘clean coal’ power plant. Or ‘clean coal’ anything. And coal really does leave dirty precipitates that travel thousands of miles on air currents, ending up on polar ice and mountain glaciers, which makes them darker and encourages increased melt. All of this is true.


    Much like the EPA’s war on wood stoves, it’s not the biggest contributor to this problem by far. Diesel exhaust and car exhaust precipitates contribute much, much more. If the EPA was really serious about climate change and making things better, they would be all over reviving rail transportation for both humans and cargo. They would demand that CAFO’s be dismantled and intensive rotational grazing be instituted (carbon sequester). They would encourage coppicing and pollarding (again, carbon sequester). They would invest in rehabilitation of denuded forest areas and grasslands (carbon sequester one more time). They would invest in waterway transportation back East – Erie canal and other types (wind power, mule power). They would make money available for robust public transportation systems like bus, light rail, car sharing, etc. to towns and cities all across this nation. But they don’t do any of this. Because it’s not about making a real difference.

  2. He is a big city multi millionaire and he knows no matter what he ain’t gonna freeze or go broke heating his home in winter, what you think he cares?
    He is the Obama, he don’t give a shizzle about anyone but himself.

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