5 comments on “Moving Females in a SHTF Scenario: Josh’s Take on Survival Knowledge

  1. Have you seen the movie or read the book, “A Boy and His Dog” > Harlan Ellison< in a true SHTF situation women will be mostly victims, chattel, slaves barter material or sold for sexual favors.
    Lastly they will become food for the unscrupulous and starving as will children in a "The Road" sort of way.
    A danger to any man or boy who attempts to keep, move or protect.
    A harem for any man/Men strong enough or successful enough to buy, barter or steal.
    Delightful as they are, useful as they can be they will become a major headache and danger.
    The Native American's had females you say?
    Yes, and when Custer wished to attack and conquer the Greasy Grass encampment his plan was to rush in, distract the men, take the women hostage and negotiate a surrender from the Men. He had done such before.
    What stopped that was bluff just a bit too horse high on the banks of the little big horn river.
    The rest is history.
    Unless you have the ways, the means, the men and the weapons as well as a fort women will always be a liability to your personal survival, unless you turn pimp that is.
    No, I don't hate nor underestimate women but American women are soft and stupid for the most part fit for baby making, cooking and barter.

  2. Baggy clothes and men’s attire do not fool a tracker who can see where a man stands and pees in front of his feet while the little man squats and pees right between them, movement is different due to hips and tits, higher voices, more chatter, crying and beechin’ as well as monthly spoor from menstruating women will show where the girls are.
    distract the men with a fight, take the children hostage and the women will follow the kids.

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