2 comments on “Only One Gun in a Survival Situation

  1. A Ruger 10/22 will do, I’ve heard of Aleut’s using the old Remington Model 60 .22 lr to hunt polar bear, shoot them in the guts and trail them till they die.
    I’d go for a handy rifle in 30/30 or 45/70 as a single rifle for hunting and possible defense.
    I use a Winchester M 94 in 30/30, ammo is easy to find, it comes in sub caliber sabot for small game, and in several bullet styles and weights can be reloaded easy even with black powder and the lever gun is not seen as an assault rifle by anyone but Diane Feinstein.
    I picked the Winchester for personal collectable reasons, I’d go with a Marlin if I was to be giving advice to anyone.
    I would not turn down a lever gun in .357 magnum.
    I ain’t seen no .22 lr for sale in about a year or more!

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