One comment on “Western Megadrought: Folks, This is No Ordinary Dry Spell

  1. The south east recently went through a drought that lasted for over a decade, broken by the few tropical systems I saw creeks dry up and lakes and my l’il pond started growing pine trees in the bottom. Hay for the horses became so scarce it was shipped in from elsewhere bringing all sorts of exotic insects and weeds. Where there was grass there became just dirt. The bird feeder became the least popular place in the yard while the bird bath became a place where every creature came for a drink, ever see a chipmunk climb up a cement bird bath for a drink while it was covered in Rock Doves? Look out at night and see white tails drink from a horse trough? In the back yard under a full security light?
    That drought broke even though we haven’t seen a true tropical storm or hurricane here for a while yet it’s still not over.
    Our well sits on top of a spring about 40′ down has 20′ of water the drought took that down 10′ lower and the foot valve and pipe had to be lowered just to get water, the spring breaks out of the ground about 200 yards down hill and it dried up, now it’s running but cannot really keep up with the level of the pond below it.
    I feel for the western states and worry about our states, global warming it’s not perhaps it’s drying that’s the danger.
    I wish us all well.

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