One comment on “The Coming Frightening Financial Chaos And Collapse

  1. I once saw a cartoon it was the pilot and copilot walking out of the cockpit towards on of the exits with parachutes on their back looking around nervously. The passengers were looking at them and each other. No caption. I suspect that every high level politicians and every high level bureacrat knows what is coming and have already set up their exit plan. Some have bought homes in other countries or ranches in the middle of Montana. When this house of cards collapses they will exit out a back door to a waiting limo and then to an airplane with an armed bodyguard.

    It reminds me of a story an old sargent told me. I joined the Air Force in 1964 and this guy worked on the flight line during the Cuban missile crisis. He said that the base was locked down tight, shelters were being staffed and supplied and there were bombers sitting on the runway with engines running and nukes in the bomb bay. He was able to make a call to his wife living just off base and told her to get in the car right then with the kids and drive to her mother’s house in Illinois, not to tell anyone, not to hesitate for even one minute and lastly that he loved her. I believed his story.

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