2 comments on “7 Reasons to Take an Air Rifle for Survival Weapon

  1. thank you for this article; just what i needed. i was wondering about this…or specifically “BB” guns to hunt squirrels/birds in SHTF (save live ammo for defense wherever possible). Now I can assess research and aquisition more intelligently and effectively.

  2. A .177 caliber pellet simply does not have enough energy to kill a rabbit or even a squirrel at 50 yards,not even at 1250 fps,which is the speed the pellet leaves the muzzle, not the speed it is traveling at 50 yds.
    No idea where you got the info. that an air rifle will kill a rabbit at 50 yards,but it is simply not true.
    At shorter ranges,sure any air rifle with velocity of 1,000fps or higher will work.
    At 650 fps,at 50 yds,a .177 pellet will not kill a squirrel.
    Watched a friend try it several years ago with a high end Gamo air rifle.

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