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  1. All good ideas. Check out the rebar ties at Home Depot. They are soft iron wire with a loop at each end. You can use them much like the twist ties you find on bread packages. You can easily use them with one hand while your other hand is holding things together. Another Idea is to store some plywood. I took a couple of full sheets and screwed them to the outside wall of my garden shed. They are on the backside out of sight and they are under a roof overhang so they don’t get wet. Pull out four screws and I have a sheet of 1/2″ plywood if I need it. Another trick is cut a hole in the tall wall of the shed up high and pushed 2 dozen 8′ 2×4’s into the rafters up there then screwed the cut out piece back in place. So I have lots of 2×4’s for building or repairing things.

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