8 comments on “The AK-47 vs AR-15: Which Rifle is Better?

  1. Neat graphics. From memory:-
    AK on meat, close range in a town.
    Chews well, tears great lumps out, good knock down.
    Mud? No problem. Field strip, pee on it, and away it goes.
    AR same town, wounds well, most kept going.
    Good cleaning kit, gets plenty of use.

  2. Excellent article. The best rifle is the one you train with! While I’m partial to the AR platform, the AK is simple, rugged, cheap and every bit as versatile as the AR. Both are a great choice, but why choose… get one of each!

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  5. I personally don’t wanna use a rifle that some camel humping dune goon (edit) is using to take me out! I want my American made Colt in my hands!

  6. I like the AR I built it has a gas piston instead of the normal gas tub which keeps the AR shooting as clean as the AK. I also chambered it in 7.62 X 39 just because I personally like the round and where I live it’s one of the legal rounds for Deer.

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