6 comments on “Survival Defense: Crafting a Fire-Hardened Spear

  1. I had made a couple by using 1 1/4″ Birch dowel 72″ long, from Home Depot, and bought a masonry trowel shaped like a triangle.
    Straighten out the curved rod on the trowel by heating it up and hammering. Cut off and save the handle for something else. Make two small notches at the rear of the trowel, one on each side.
    Drill the dowel rod on the end, and make a saw cut going across and down about 1 1/2″. Stick the trowel rod into the drilled section. If you have two-part epoxy, that’s what I used, then use it. Use 550 paracord and lash from the notches in the trowel going past the horizontal saw cut. You might score the dowel to grasp the paracord, or use contact cement to hold. Dress the paracord whipped like you would serve a bowstring. Let everything dry overnight.
    File the dowel to an ever slight taper at the butt. Some (stain) pine tar oil on the dowel, followed by 3:1 mix of Turpentine to Boiled Linseed Oil, put on with a cheap brush and properly discard when finished as BLO will smolder on it’s own. Rub the dowel with pure beeswax when tacky but after an hour or two, and keep adding wax. Rub to burnish with either a cloth or piece of leather. Again, discard properly to avoid fire hazard with BLO.
    Grind an edge onto the trowel.

    Field Testing: Do not shower or shave for two weeks. Put on your favorite loincloth, or go “commando”. Don’t forget to pound your chest a few times with your fists while roaring.

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  3. Can this craft be use for hardening arrows? The hardened tip should be easier than working flint, glass or other means plus the body itself becomes less flexible.

    • Yes it should. Same goes for darts. I once tried a fire hardened spearhead but I didn’t heat it enough and make it sharpened enough.

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