One comment on “Stupid teen playing ‘knockout’ game shot twice by concealed carry holder

  1. JD, I am a Vet and a CCW holder and commend the use of a firearm in protecting ones self from “anyone” that would do harm to them or someone else. But I don’t understand the bearing of stating the teen was black, other than to promote division and hate. How does the kids color aid the article. Why not include the color of the arresting officer or officers? Why not the color of the potential victim and his daughter? Why because it’s irrelevant. This type of so- called journalism promotes an idea that divides us. And we wonder why things are so bad and getting worse. You would think that as an NRA member, Combat Vet and slightly conservative male I could agree with you and have alliance with your cause, but when you attack my race you have clearly drawn the line. And I am cool with that too. You aren’t the only ones prepared and I probably have more experience at putting down rabid dogs than most of your readers wink wink.

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