3 comments on “The SilverFire ‘Survivor’ Rocket Stove – Review

  1. Have you tried any fuel other than walnut shells? When I used real wood the stove turned into a sooty smoke bomb. The temperature never gets hot enough to be considered an efficient, clean burning stove. A very disappointing product. Too long to heat water, the bottom of my pot had soot too thick I couldn’t get it all off. The front of the stove turned all black. DO NOT burn a pine cone!! The smoke will be seen for miles. This is a rotten product!!

    • As one of the many folks in the US who re-sell the SilverFire and have used it, I must say that Ross’ review makes no sense. The first time I lit a SilverFire it burned damp sticks from an afternoon rain shower (the kind of sticks that bend instead of snap) with no visible smoke in under five minutes, I can burn wood with or without the bark, weed stalks, pine cones etc… with no excessive smoke and, when I am operating the stove correctly, zero visible smoke.

  2. There is no “Heat Sync” in the SilverFire Survivor it is insulated with a combination of amorphous volcanic glass and mineral wool or spun ceramic. It retains very little heat once the coals are dumped from the stove, as the only thermal mass it has is the stainless steel of the combustion chamber and chimney. This means it heats faster and cools faster than the clay line versions on the market. Which is either a strength or a weakness depending on who you ask.

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