9 comments on “Is Operational Secrecy (‘OPSEC’) Dead?

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    • All true. But some steps can greatly conceal a shelter installation.
      For example:There are greater means to reduce your footprint when building a shelter during construction of a new home, and even when performing an addition or major remodel. But the effort must be disguised as for another purpose entirely. Our Firm has specialized in Shelter Construction for 22 years. We have another valid construction business which can help protect a project identity. Using non local engineers which know the project by code name and not by address nor client is another step, along with only using “out of area” actual contractors at the jobsite. Each subcontractor is only informed of their limited scope, never given a full set of plans so fewer people know the details of the shelter. The building department is intentionally misled as to the purpose of the project. and some key scopes of work must be performed post building department final inspection. Some clients pay cash into an escrow accout and the construction entitiy buys sensitive materials without any link to the specific site.These steps add costs to projects, but for some clients these are necessary protection. There are articles about teaching young children its a secret spy game, and for adolescents, either not disclosing to them, or teaching them about the horrors of past actual events, Anne Frank for example, so they are personally motivated to keep silence.
      But those matters are the client’s choice. Our team of security consultants includes Ex Navy SEALS who help develop and advise clients of a 360 degree Security program which will greatly improve survivability for a wide range of threat senarios.
      This service consists of a very comprehensive Confidential Client Interview, at your site, preferrably, to discern your human and material assets to protect and the range of threat senarios you face. This information is used to develop a Persoanl Protection Program Narrative which is avaiable even for those who choose not to develop an entire shelter project with us, and is in fact our standard protocol before we design any shelter.

    • Mislabel and misdirection are the bywords for building things that can’t be hidden during the construction process.

      If your kids slip up about the family “wine cellar”, “root cellar”, “tornado shelter”, basement under the shop, detached garage or shed as long as the word “bunker” isn’t used, no biggie.

      Giant items delivered on semi-trailers are for drainage control or erosion or some other forgettable purpose. Blame the whole mislabeled project on an in-law to keep peace in the family and gripe about the expense. Good excuse to stop the conversation, too. Mushroom farm, indeed!

  2. Oh noes! Big Brother sees all, so we should just accept it, lay down and die.

    There are several malignant subcultures within survivalism/”prepping” and this article is a fine example of one of them: the “abandon hope, ‘They’ know everything about you and will just come and take your stuff” narcissists who actually think that “They” care about them.

  3. Good Comments, In spite of all uncle knows about us, they are just people making people decisions in the end. Look at the failures in Boston. Not just missing the jerks that did the deed before hand. After it was done the video did the job but another offixcer still got done and the the last guy was found buy a home owner.
    Speaking of the boat, I hope the Capain above has enought plateing to at least stop a 30. or he will sink.

    Recenjtly added on to my house. I had left over blocks and decided to have my concrete guy build a closet with them and I put a real door on it. Couldn’t believe the attention it drew an dthe questions of why. They all thought a gun vault reason number two. I told them my third down the list. Couldn’t keep my own adult kid’s mouth shut. REally I wanted to have a simple wall that would stop more than a 22 bullet. Most house walls cannot stotp an arroqw from a compound bow.

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