One comment on “Petrus Romanus: 900 Year Old Prophecy Says Next Pope Will Oversee End of Days

  1. We all knew this day would come eventually. Weather you are religious or not, each one of us has a internal clock or moral compass and can sense our planet and individual lives are in turmoil. The only possible outcome is an unpleasant end or a renewing at the core of all our major problems that guides us away from total destruction. It’s sad that we all can’t/won’t be able to live out out lives and enjoy our childrens’children and their lives with a worry and carefree feeling/attitude because its needs not be spelled out any clearer no matter how its viewed, through religious eyes or not, that these are the end times in which the inevitable becomes fact, the truth, the present day which has been foretold and predicted every step of the way, at every turn or major occurance. It’s still sad or disheartening that we can’t just enjoy our world, our life as previous generations of the past has. Although I believe it was meant for these people who inhabit the earth, including myself, to be put here at this time to endure and take on all and any challenges or tribulations that may come. I somehow knew and even felt this as an child/adolescent, without being pushed or prodded. I came to this conclusion by viewing and interpreting the world around and by looking deep and hard at myself and the internal answers that are held within. “For those that are his children, he lives in each one of us.”

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