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Disabled House Fire

By  – SurvivoPedia

People with limited mobility / disabled need specific tips to handle disaster situations. One of these scenarios relates to addressing fire prevention within private homes, apartment buildings, and high rise buildings.

If you are disabled, you need to understand how your evacuation plans might differ from those created by someone that has other options and avenues of escape available. And be aware that panic can happen in a situation like this. Make sure that you know how to get control of yourself and refocus your attention on what needs to be done. If you panic and do not regain control, it will cost your life.

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7 Keys To Finding The Perfect ‘Bug-Out Retreat’ (Where No One Will Spot You)

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By Rich M – Off the Grid News

Having a plan for “bugging out” is an option that pretty much every survivalist includes in his or her survival plans.

It’s where you or I would retreat to when we determine it’s time to “get out of Dodge” in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. For those of us who can’t afford such a place, we still need a planned location to get to, even if we don’t have a cabin already built and stocked with everything we need to survive.

While most people will take whatever they can get, there are several things you should consider when you are looking at a bug-out retreat location. Each of these things apply to an even greater extent if you don’t have that cabin in the woods and are going to try and survive in the wild.

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By Rich M – Off The Grid News

I’ve found a common problem with many people’s survival plans. This has snuck in simply because we all work from our imaginations in creating our survival plans, which means we imagine ourselves at the starting line when it hits, just like horses lined up for the race. But that’s not realistic. Chances are, when the crisis happens, we will be anything but lined up and ready to go. In fact, we are much more likely to find that our family is scattered all across town, involved in our everyday activities.

With that being the case, we actually need a “pre-plan.” That is, a plan for what we will do from the time that the crisis (natural disaster or man-made) hits until we get ourselves into that starting position. A plan which is designed to get us where we need to be, so that we can put our survival plan into effect.

For pretty much everyone, that means we need a plan for getting home. You see, in any crisis situation, the number one priority is actually getting home. There are several reasons for this, but chief among them is that our survival plan starts from that point. In addition, we need to get home to get to where our survival gear is, as well as to check on our family.

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elderly man repairing his tools

By  – SurvivoPedia

Preparing to survive a serious crisis or disaster is sufficiently difficult that it is a challenge for a normal, healthy person, but what about those who are elderly and weakened? How can they prepare to survive a crisis. I was recently faced by this question by my own mother, who lives far enough away from our home, that she can’t practically participate in our survival plans.

The elderly face a huge challenge when it comes to prepping. Their physical limitations make it much harder to do the tasks necessary for survival. However, most of them have considerable knowledge that makes them an invaluable resource for survival. The trick is getting the elderly together with other preppers, so that they can work together.

A Word to the Wise

Let me start with a word to the grey-haired wise ones in our community. I have seen e-mails from some of you, who are looking for help. You’ve probably spent your whole lives helping others and now, when you need the help, you’re wondering where it is. Well, I can relate. I’ve spent the bulk of my life helping others too, and there have been many a time when I was wondering where the help that I needed was going to come from.

The thing is, society has changed since you and I were children. The average person isn’t as concerned with others as they used to be. Children aren’t raised to look out for others, but rather to see what they can get from others. Those who do heroic acts or even acts of kindness aren’t lifted up as heroes to emulate anymore, but rather ridiculed by society. The times we live in are sad ones.

Of course, if you are of the camp that is just looking for a handout, then I can’t help you much. There are way too many people in our society today who are just looking for a handout. They think that if others have and they don’t it’s unfair. Well, nobody ever said that life was fair and all that the government can do in trying to make it fair is to make everyone equally poor.

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