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Image source: KETNBC

Image source: KETNBC


By Nicholas O. Off The Grid News

In use ever since World War I, bungee cord has become one of the most useful inventions of the past century.

An elastic cord that comes in a variety of colors and sizes and is made out of strands that are woven in either cotton or polypropylene, bungee cords are used in all areas of life, such as by professional moving companies, law enforcement officers and the military.

It’s safe to say that bungee cord has become a tool of our lives that we take for granted, but it’s also a very valuable item to keep in a survival kit and should be appreciated for the variety of services it provides.

Here are a handful of survival uses for bungee cord:

1. Bag or Backpack Strap

Survival will become more of a burden if a strap on a bag or backpack tears or breaks. But if you have bungee cord, it should work just as well. Similarly, you can also attach smaller bags to one big backpack using bungee cords.

2. Belt

You read that right, you can use bungee cord as a makeshift belt. Having a belt in survival allows you to carry items such as a knife, a hatchet or a handgun for quick access.

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An alternative to a belt would be using two bungee cords to make a pair of suspenders.

3. Bundling Items

Sleeping bags, blankets, survival gear, you name it. Anything can be rolled up and securely bundled together with the aid of bungee cord. Bundled items will make cross country travel significantly more efficient.

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Skills For The Apacalypse

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Andrew’s Note:  I got a kick out of this and won’t even bother commenting on conclusions like swordplay and turning a school bus into a ‘spiked death machine!’

Rigging a Tarp Shelter

Prepography-The Art & Study of Self-Reliance

Andrew’s Note:  I’m still a fan of using bungee cords as described in Building a Poncho Hooch but this method of rigging a tarp shelter eliminates the need to carry additional gear/bungee cords.  Note that tarp shelter techniques can be used with poncho shelters.  Click on the graphic to take a look at ScoutmasterCG.com.