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  1. very many thanks for reblogging my post today! as you can see, im just a greenhorn as rgds blogs, computers etc, so any help like yours will help me enormously….and what a grand site you have here too! absolutely chock full of very useful information…

  2. Hello there sir, can you send me a list of blog roll / CPA ad packages at malak@rddusa.com? I wish to feature some of your material on my website since I’m a prepper in the making. As I start to rework my inventory for fellow preppers, I would love to partner with your blog. Thanks.

  3. I saw your article titled “Taxes and Preparedness – Do They Fit Together?” on Survivopedia, but I don’t see it here, though. Thanks! Very informative. I’ll check out the other resources you have here.

    But it got me thinking how I can’t really get my head around the real-life scenario of runaway inflation. I’ve hear stories about what it was like it in the past, but what might it look like today? For example, if someone is working for a company, isn’t that company likely to just shut down? If so, how would this employee benefit by being able to pay off debts with all this inflated cash if he has no cash? I’m self employed, but assuming my customers could even stay in business in that kind of environment, I would have to start raising my rates frequently in order to get enough cash to pay anything off. More likely, the work would just end and I’d be left with whatever cash I had on hand. It just doesn’t seem like that kind of a scenario could be sustained long enough to be of much “benefit” to anyone. Can you shed some light on this?

  4. Can I just say I absolutely love your blog!
    People think I’m nuts when talking about prepping and you have been a wealth of information for me, thank you, Laiyla.

  5. Hello SurvivalPlaceBlog,
    If there are any special medical topics you are interested in us writing for you, just let us know, and we’ll be happy to send it over to you for posting. We only do medical stuff at ThePrepperPages, but we get so excited we almost wet ourselves when we actually get a request 🙂

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    • We are always looking for great new content, let me know which articles are available to post. We always give credit to the author and a bio if available and a link back to the original article, let me know if there are any other special instructions.

  7. Is there an email for a private matter I wish not to discuss openly? If so please reply to the email given here.


    • The best thing I can tell you is to stick with it and post topics that people are interested in or information that helps them in some way. It’s taken me years of blogging to get here so don’t expect it to happen overnight, just keep fighting the fight and provide people with good information.
      Good luck to you and your family!

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