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By Pat Henry – The Prepper Journal

Imagine it’s 1:15 on a Thursday afternoon. You and some friends at work have recently returned from lunch and you are settling back into work. As you are going about your daily responsibilities, the Emergency Broadcast System starts to blare over a coworker’s radio. Normally you would ignore this, but you also get an Emergency alert message on your smart phone. Funny, you could swear you had disabled those, but is says that there has been a terrorist attack in Los Angeles and urges calm and promises more information soon. You start walking out of your office towards the break-room and notice everyone crowded around the TV when the power goes out. Looking down, you notice your phone isn’t working either.

Making for the nearest window, you notice that vehicles on the road have stopped, seemingly right in their tracks. Could this be an EMP? Not wanting to overreact, you take the stairs and walk out to the parking lot. You try your key fob but that doesn’t work either so you use your key. A quick check of the ignition and you realize your car isn’t going anywhere either. Slowly your co-workers validate the same with their cars and you start looking at the possibility that you will could have to walk back home. Unfortunately for you, you work 72 miles away from home.

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22 Survival Items (Other Than Food And Water) Your Stockpile Needs

By Rich M Off The Grid News

Stockpiling is the life of the homesteader and survivalist, and it seems like there’s always something new that we find we need to add to it. For many, this means mostly food, but you shouldn’t stop there.

It’s easy to get so wrapped up in stockpiling food that we forget other important things. So, I’m going to share with you some of the top needs I’ve seen — many of which are way too easy to overlook in our stockpiling process.

1. Medicines

We all get sick from time to time. Fortunately, our bodies are pretty good at healing themselves from a lot of that, but sometimes they need help. A few common medicines in your supplies could help ensure your long-term survival, as well as helping you deal with more common problems.

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By  – SurvivoPedia

Summer is almost over, but we still expect to enjoy some warm and sunny days! It’s time to get out of the house, do some barbequing, and stretch your legs. Time to enjoy the weather and go swimming, weed the garden and fix all the stuff that fell apart over the winter.

While the weather’s still nice, there are plenty of survival projects that you can work on, too. Just click on the links in the article below to check these projects.

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25 Must Have Items for Your Survival Hygiene Kit | Backdoor Survival

By Gaye Levy – Backdoor Survival

The Oxford English Dictionary defines hygiene as:

“Conditions or practices conducive to maintaining health and preventing disease, especially through cleanliness.”

During or following a disruptive event, life will be tough enough without having to worry about maintaining health and preventing disease.  Why then, do I find the topic of a survival hygiene kit taking a backseat to articles about food, water, bug-out bags and life in the wilderness?

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About the author:

Gaye Levy started Backdoor Survival so that she could share her angst and concern about our deteriorating economy and its impact on ordinary, middle-class folks. She also wanted to become a prepper of the highest order and to share her knowledge as she learned it along the way. On Backdoor Survival you will find survival and preparedness tools and tips for creating a self-reliant lifestyle through thoughtful prepping and optimism.

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By Ken Jorgustin – Modern Survival Blog

A Dakota Fire Hole is simply a method of building a fire that utilizes a number of advantages over other types of fires. It will burn hot, it will use little wood, and will release very little smoke (stealth).

First though, here is how to build a Dakota Fire Hole (pit)…

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By Daisy Luther – The Organic Prepper

Just days after the German government advised citizens to stock up on food and water, the Czech government has followed suit.

Hello? HELLO??? Can you hear me now???? Something is clearly hurtling down the pipe.

Czech news channel CT24 broadcast a message from the government telling citizens to ‘prepare for the worst’.

Czech media sources are reporting that in the event of a national crisis, the food needs of the country will not be met. They’ve never really recovered from the failed Communist government there, and the Czech Republic is already beset by food shortages.

In the video below, Czech resident Steven Ben-DeNoon  told Israeli News Live that the Czech government is telling citizens to “be prepared for the worst case possible scenario” such as a large scale terrorist attack or snuclear disaster.

Israeli News Live

Europe is coming apart at the seams and there seems to be nothing that the governments can do about it. They’re giving fair warning: the citizens will be obligated to provide for their own needs.

You’re completely on your own in a disaster

Much like the situation in Venezuela, people will be completely on their own.

This January, the government told citizens that they would need to produce their own food. The Ministry of Urban Farming was created to oversee this. While self-reliance sounds great, it isn’t so great in Venezuela. Just so the urban farmers don’t get too self-reliant, a registry of the crops and livestock will be required. (And obviously, they’ve already proven that they have no issue forcing farmers to hand over what they’ve produced.)

As I’ve written many times, in a true disaster, you will be completely on your own.

It’s essential to note that once the crisis arrives,  there is little people can do to rectify their situations. If they aren’t already quietly prepared, they are completely at the mercy of the government and must comply to whatever strictures their leaders wish to put on them.  It is absolutely vital to put back supplies like emergency food and filtration devices well before the general public is aware that a crisis is pending. You have to learn to raise your food well before you might need to live on the fruits of your labor, because successful farming is absolutely not an instant gratification kind of thing.

If you do things now to increase your self-reliance, you will fare far better when our own government washes its hands. Most of the people reading this blog are probably the type who prefer to be independent. We’ll get through it, but those who buy their food strictly from the store, who live paycheck to paycheck, and who have no practical skills will suffer greatly. And that, itself puts the independent among us in danger.

Because they were not prepared for self-reliance, Venezuela has now devolved into complete societal collapse. People are starving to death. They’re butchering zoo animals. Crime is ever-increasing.

Because of the ineptitude of the majority, no matter how much food you store or how much you can raise yourself, in a true crisis the ability to defend your food and operations will be essential.

There are signs all around that something is coming.

Governments around the world seem to be preparing for war. President Obama seems to be deliberately provoking one. Incidents of civil unrest are at an all-time high in America.

In the series, Game of Thrones, they say with great foreboding, “Winter is coming.”

It appears that a dark, cold stretch is approaching our society too. And signs around the world indicate this one is going to be a doozy.

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This is a closeup live loop of Tropical Depression Nine. (NOAA/Satellite)

By AccuWeather

Tropical Depression Nine developed just south of Florida on Sunday and will turn toward the northeastern Gulf Coast of the United States later this week.

Tropical depression Nine was the former tropical disturbance 99L.

The center of this system is about 180 miles west of Key West, Florida.

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