One comment on “Hard Core Chicks: Eight Self Defense Tactics Every Women Should Know

  1. Yes and no! If someone intends to harm you vs intimidating you than self defense will simply take it to the next level. So if you are stronger and a better fighter than your adversary than by all means kick his ass. If the opponent is stronger and a better fighter than poking him in the eye or kicking him in the groin will make him want to do you some real damage. So should you defend yourself? In most cases yes but in most cases of real threat you will lose and possibly seriously (death or hospital). If you get attacked on the street or in a public bus the best thing to do is be defensive and try to get to a safe place. Defensive means you are not hitting or kicking but protecting. Sometimes the thug really really wants you to hit back so they then have an excuse to fight. They didn’t pick you because they though it woud be a fair fight they picked you because they feel confident they can beat the shit out of you. Discretion is the better part of valor. But if you choose to defend yourself be prepared with something lethal and then be prepared to be arrested for using lethal force and if you are alone and the thug is with friends be prepared for them all to kick you senseless of in the unlikely event you win to testify against you in court.

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