3 comments on “How To Quickly Make A Survival Shelter When You’re Lost In The Wilderness

  1. One could also look for a section of trees that line up in a square, like 3 trees north 2 trees west 3 trees south and 2 -5 trees east. It does not have to be completely squared but the trick is to find a square that are in 2’s all the way around that are about 3 -8 inches apart and look for large fallen logs or branches and fill in the gap between the pairs until you have built fence walls held by the two trees that are paired with the next two trees. When you are done with the height that you want, then you can roof it. A large square would allow you to build a smaller one lean to inside and still have a fire. It is more wolf and bear proof, windproof etc. One can stuff leaves or dirt, even snow in between the spaces to keep it even more air proof. It would be pretty hard for a bear to tear down but he could climb on top but that’s where the fire comes in.

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