2 comments on “How Many People Will Have To Migrate Out Of California When All The Water Disappears?

  1. I hope you intended this to be a joke. Right now as we whine about California’s drought more water flows out of the Klamath river in four days than the entire state uses in a year. There are half a dozen other large rivers in Northern California that are undammed and almost untapped that just keep pushing trillions of gallons of water out to the pacific every day. California does not have a water shortage they have a politcial intelligence shortage. If they decide to fix their problems they can. The question is will they.

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    As I considered this question, I thought about what type of people might migrate out of the Kalifornication. Seems to me that you just might get some real Socialists moving into your neighborhood. The kind of busybodies that love the nanny state and will be first in line to complain about your personal activities. Sheeple that wet themselves when the work ‘gun’ is mentioned, and get apoplectic at the sight of one. It is very important to remember that the numbers of Nazi Gestapo (and later the Stasi) were quite small. But their success is putting away ‘dissidents’ was based on informants within the public. I do not mean to paint all Californians with a broad Marxist brush, but consider the economic condition of the state, and their repeated attacks on the liberty of their citizens.

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