3 comments on “Undecided on Vaccines? This Survey Might Change Your Mind

  1. Wow! Who would have guessed that someone who opposed vaccines would self report thatthey are healthier for it. Wow! Didn’t see that coming. Duh!

    Vaccines were the biggest thing in the 20th century. Bigger then both world wars, bigger then all the people kiled by all the despots and all other human events combined. Bigger then anything in human history. Vaccines saved literally billions and billions of lives in the 20th century. Back when half of everyone born died before their 18th birthday mostly from common childhood disease vaccines and their effect were unimaginable. In one dramatic medical discovery human history was changed 10,000 times greater then the halocaust or the cursades or WW II or anything else in our history. Literally billions of people’s lives were saved. Today while we all enjoy our life thanks to vaccines and that our siblings and our children are alive thanks to vaccines it is easy to be so naive to believe that this is the way life has always been. Look around at your circle of friends and relatives and imagine that every other one of them were long dead; died perhaps before they even went to grade school. THAT is what life is like without vaccines. If we can mandate seat belts, life jackets, helmets, warning labels and literally a thousand other things; infringements in the name of saving a life then certainly we can mandate vaccines which will save billions of lives in the 21st century? Why would you not do this??? It would make more sense to remove the crossing gates, bells and lights at railroad crossing so that we could all play Russian roulette with trains then it does to remove the mandate for vaccines. You cannot think of anything that has had a greater effect on humans then vaccines. Not Hitler, not nuclear weapons, not religion, not anything. And yet we would consider weakening it?!?

  2. I perfectly agree with you on vaccines.. Sometimes if I take a critical look at the way we human behaves in this 21st century then I begin to wonder there is something wrong with our thinking as if there sickness in our brain. Is like we are taken wrong to be right and the wrong thing is becoming a norm now in our societies, if I see or hear then I begin to wonder if there is something wrong with our brains. Because our fort fathers didn’t go under this vaccine exercise but they made the best decision and came out with long lasting ideas why can’t we these generation then I begin to ask myself if it’s the vaccines we have been taken

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