2 comments on “Study Says Home Cooking Equals Better Health: 5 Ways to Cut Kitchen Time Without Sacrificing Nutrition

  1. Marinara sauce never,ever has meat added to it,ground or otherwise.
    In Italian cooking there is marinara sauce,and meat sauce.
    True Italian meat sauce does not have ground beef in it-it is a meat flavored sauce made by cooking bones in the sauce after they have been roasted in the oven.
    ham hocks and split pigs feet,along with oxtails is a basic Italian meat sauce. The bones are roasted in the oven,then simmered in the sauce for about 5 hours.
    I worked as a professional chef for 20 years,much of that time in Italian restaurants.
    Again-you do not add meat to marinara sauce-meat sauce and marinara sauce are two different things.
    Marinara sauce contains tomatoes,basil,garlic,onions,salt and pepper-nothing more,nothing less.

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