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Bugging out to the hills is a plan during a  event for a lot of preppers and we spend hours planning out what items to pack in our bug out bags. In the arc of prepping; after procuring food and water, it seems the natural focus of many preppers is the bug out bag. I think this is because the idea of having a bag filled with supplies that you can throw on your back and run out the door makes sense for most people. You can envision the last natural disaster you watched unfold on TV and picture yourself loading your family into the minivan and hitting the highway or trails ahead of the horde of desperate people who waited too long. Having the bug out bags your family needs ready to go could save hours of precious time in a crisis.

But what about the family dog? Do you have a bug out bag for your dog? Haven’t considered that? Most dogs are perfectly capable of carrying most if not all of their own supplies in packs on their backs. These bug out bag for dogs will allow Fido to carry their own water and food and other necessary items freeing your pack up for more personal gear. With a bug out bag for your dog, you can ensure your dog will be just as set as you and the rest of your family are in a crisis. But how would you go about building a dog bug out bag?

Dog Bug Out Bag Selection

There are many options for your dog’s bug out bag but they almost all revolve around the saddlebag concept. Saddlebag packs for dogs usually have two or more large pockets on the sides. The pockets (saddlebags) will have zippers or fasteners and can even be waterproof. They are attached together with

We use the Mountainsmith Dog pack for hiking, night walks and bugging out.

fabric that sits on the dogs back above their front shoulders and the packs vary in length. The larger the saddle bags, the more stuff you can fit in there.

Most saddlebags have a leash attachment and a front strap that goes across the chest and straps that connect under your dog’s abdomen. A properly fitting bag for your dog should be comfortable but may take some getting used to so before you plan on bugging out into the woods I would practice with long walks on the weekends.

I purchased the Mountainsmith Dog Pack after trying another model at my local pet store. The Mountainsmith has deep pockets, reflector strips and has a soft fleece lining that my dog seems to like. It has plenty of adjustments so that I am able to fit my dog’s frame perfectly as she continues to grow. I like the reflectors because I plan to use this when we are backpacking and I have also used this on our nightly walks so that cars can see her. I had another saddlebag that was cheaper, but didn’t fit as well. You should be able to get a really nice pack for your dog for less than $50.

I have also heard great things about the Outward Hound Backpack but haven’t tried that myself. Or, my dog hasn’t tried that. It does get good reviews though, but not as high as the Mountainsmith. Whichever saddlebag you go with, make sure it is sized appropriate to your dog’s measurements. If this doesn’t fit properly it could end up hurting your dog and they won’t want to wear something that hurts.

What to pack in your dog bug out bag?

So you have a dog bug out bag. Now, what do you pack in it? That is pretty simple because dogs are pretty simple. Let’s take the basic prepping items anyone would need, food, water, shelter and security. We will assume that your dog will be providing security for you so we will leave that off the list. You can easily carry 3 days’ worth of food in your bug out bag for your dog, maybe even more. One thing I have found is that you need to keep the saddlebags evenly weighted or else it will cause the pack to shift.

A simple collapsible bowl takes up hardly any room.

I have shoved all her food in a single bag, but that makes distributing weight harder, so I have found it is better to separate food into individual bags for each meal. Yes, that seems anal retentive, but it will allow you to distribute what is left more evenly which will feel better on your dog’s back.

The same thing goes with water. If I am out walking my dog at night and I only have the pack on for exercise and the reflective qualities, I will just add a single 32 oz. water bottle to each saddlebag. This way she gets the benefit of weight but I don’t plan on emptying the water which would mess with the weight distribution again.

In a bug out scenario, I would load several water bottles to each pocket. If we stop and she drinks a whole bottle of water, I can throw a couple of food bags from the other pocket into the side that is now missing a water and everything will still balance. I also have a collapsible bowl for water and food. You can give them water out of your hands in a pinch, but having a travel collapsible food bowl is just so much easier. Models like this fold down and weight almost nothing.

Another item that could be good depending on where you are traveling is dog boots. These will protect your dog’s feet but require getting used to. You don’t want to break these out on your dog in a moment of crisis and expect them to shoe up and run out the door. You also don’t want your dog’s feet to be injured and then expect to put these on.

Speaking of injuries you could add a first aid kit for your dog to their bug out bag. A kit like the Alcott Explorer has basic items you could use if Fido gets a small injury like a cut or sting. Better to have them use their own first aid than your family kit. Don’t forget any medication your dog might be on and I have a long leash. I can use this to tie her up if needed or to let her walk ahead of me. Actually, heal isn’t as easy when she has this pack on and if she is right next to me her bags hit my legs all of the time so I let her walk ahead with the pack. Keeps us both happy.

Lastly I throw in some extras for my dog that I think they will like. Just like our own bug out bags have comfort items, your dog will appreciate these too. I will add in a toy they like to play with, maybe a tennis ball or a chew toy and some treats. The treats come in handy when we are hiking because I am not going to always give them a bowl of food on a day hike, but I do dole out the treats when we stop and have snacks.

So that’s it for my dog’s pack. What is in your dog’s bug out bag?

This information has been made available by The Prepper Journal: Bug Out Bag for Dogs: Make sure your dog is prepared



By Ken Jorgustin – Modern Survival Blog

While you are out shopping this season, and while some of these personal security tips may seem paranoid, the fact is that trouble lurks just beneath the surface where criminals are looking for victims. Situational awareness will enable you to see it on occasion. It’s there.

Here are 21 tips to consider for your personal security while out shopping:


During daytime, park away from the crunch of cars – which provides more visibility to assess (for coming and going).

During the night, park up close to the entrance, under a light.

Make a conscious effort to NOT keep your head down in your smartphone.

Don’t stare straight ahead while you walk.

Don’t walk while looking at your feet.

Casually look around while you walk.

Don’t slouch while you walk.

Keep your shoulders back and chin up. Look confident.

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frozen outdoor water faucet

By  – SurvivoPedia

While some people are busy claiming that the planet is heating up, many of us are facing record cold winters. If you have never dealt with frozen pipes and other difficulties in a routine setting, it will be even harder for you to maintain a supply of running water in winter months during a crisis.

Important Tools and Equipment to Have on Hand

Fortunately, there are many reliable methods available for storing and preparing your water pumps and pipes for cold weather regardless of where you live and the situation at hand.

You just need a little preparation, and also some tools at hand.

  • Propane torch – can be used to defrost copper and metallic pipes. It can also be used to defrost pump switches on older models that do not have plastic or other flammable parts.
  • Hair dryer – can be used to melt ice in pump switches, as well as in plastic, metal, and other pipes.
  • Incandescent lamps or heat lamps to generate steady heat without fire

You also need some freezing preventative equipment and materials:

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Image source: PreparedForThat

Image source: PreparedForThat


By Nicholas O. Off The Grid News

If you’re reading this, chances are pretty good that you have some form of survival kit of your own. It doesn’t matter whether you have a full-size backpack, or just a little case that can fit into your pocket — having a kit of basic survival tools is imperative.

But if you do have that survival kit, it’s also probably filled with basic items you would find in a survival list or book. All of these items — like a good knife and a compass — are important. Still, your kit may be underequipped for the drastic change in weather. A frigid, snow storm-filled winter is one of the harshest environments for survival.

Here are 5 items every winter survival kit needs:

1. Blanket

Obvious, yes, but this cannot be overstated enough. During winter, you need everything you can get to keep you warm. Your survival kit should already contain some form of space blanket, tarp, and/or poncho. But what you need is a full-sized wool blanket that you can wrap around yourself. Granted, a full-sized blanket is likely going to be too big to fit into your regular kit, but it’s more than easy to fit into your trunk or car. If you find yourself stuck on the road in the middle of a snowstorm, you’ll be thankful you had a warm blanket.

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Black Friday – Photo by Powhusku


By Michael Snyder – The Economic Collapse

Americans are going to spend more than 600 billion dollars this Christmas season, and on Friday we got to see our fellow citizens fight each other like rabid animals over foreign-made flat screen televisions and Barbie dolls.  As disgusting as this behavior is to many of us, there may soon come a time when we will all fondly remember these days.  Most Americans are completely unaware of what is currently happening in the financial world, but right now there are deeply troubling signs that we could be on the verge of another major global financial collapse.  If the next great economic downturn does strike in 2015, that could mean that we may have just witnessed the last great Black Friday celebration of American materialism.  As you read this, stock prices are approximately double the value that they should be, margin debt is hovering near all-time record highs, and the “too big to fail” banks are being far more reckless than they were just prior to the last major stock market implosion.  So many of the exact same patterns that we witnessed back in 2007 and 2008 are repeating right now, and as you will see below, this includes a horrifying crash in the price of oil.  Anyone with half a brain should be able to see the slow-motion financial train wreck that is unfolding right before our eyes.

Every year, it has been my tradition to write an article about the mini-riots that erupt in retail stores all around the country on Black Friday.  This year things were a bit calmer because so many stores opened up on Thanksgiving itself, but there was still plenty of chaos.  For example, in the video posted below you can see women viciously fighting one another over discounted lingerie and underwear…

But instead of launching into another diatribe about how we are committing national economic suicide by buying hundreds of billions of dollars of foreign-made goods with money that we do not have, I want to focus on what is coming next.

You see, I believe that in the not too distant future many of us will be wishing for the days when the debt-fueled U.S. economy was healthy enough for people to be wrestling with one another on the floor over good deals in our retail establishments.

The next great financial crash (which many have been anticipating for years) is rapidly approaching.  So many of the same things that happened last time are happening again.  As I noted above, this includes a crash in the price of oil.

In the months prior to the last stock market collapse, the price of oil began plummeting dramatically in the summer of 2008.  This was an “early warning signal” that something was deeply amiss in the financial world…

Oil Price 2007 - 2008

Many people assume that a lower price for oil is good for the economy, but the exact opposite is actually true.  The oil industry has become absolutely critical to the U.S. and Canadian economies.  And in recent years, the “shale oil boom” has been one of the only bright spots for the United States.  If the shale oil industry starts to fail because of lower prices, a lot of the boom areas all over the nation are going to go bust really quickly and a lot of the financial institutions that were backing these projects are going to feel an immense amount of pain.

Unfortunately for us, the “shale oil revolution” simply does not work at 80 dollars a barrel.

And it certainly does not work at 70 dollars a barrel.

As I write this, U.S. crude is sitting at about 66 dollars a barrel due to OPEC’s recent decision to not cut output.

That is the lowest price for U.S. crude since September 2009.

So just like we saw during the summer of 2008, crude oil prices are collapsing once again.  The chart below comes from the Federal Reserve, but it is a few days out of date.  Now that the price of crude is down to about 66 dollars, you have to imagine the price actually going below the bottom of this chart…

Oil Price 2013 - 2014

Needless to say, this price collapse is having a huge impact on the stock prices of oil companies.  The following information about what happened in the markets on Friday comes from Business Insider

Here were some of the biggest losers on Friday:

  • BP (BP), down 5%
  • Royal Dutch Shell (RDS.A), down 6%
  • Total (TOT), down 5%
  • Statoil (STO), down 14%
  • Exxon Mobil (XOM), down 5%
  • ConocoPhillips (COP), down 9%
  • Marathon Oil (MRO), down 13%
  • Occidental Petroleum (OXY), down 7%
  • Anadarko Petroleum (APC), down 14%
  • Linn Energy (LINE), down 13%
  • Whiting Petroleum (WLL), down 28%
  • Oasis Petroleum (OAS), down 32%
  • Kodiak Oil & Gas (KOG), down 28%

And this list goes on.

But this could just be the beginning of the oil price declines.

The most powerful oil official in Russia believes that the price of oil could fall below $60 next year…

Russia’s most powerful oil official Igor Sechin said in an interview with an Austrian newspaper that oil prices could fall below $60 by mid-way through next year.

Sechin, chief executive of Rosneft, Russia’s largest oil producer, also said U.S. oil production would fall after 2025 and that an oil market council should be created to monitor prices, the same day the OPEC cartel met in Vienna and left its output targets unchanged.

“We expect that a fall in the price to $60 and below is possible, but only during the first half, or rather by the end of the first half (of next year),” Sechin told the Die Presse newspaper.

And one oil industry analyst just told CNBC that he believes that the price of oil could ultimately plunge as low as $35 a barrel…

“When you look at the second half of 2015, that’s when you see oil beginning to dwarf demand by about a million, a million and a half barrels a day,” he said. “Thirty-five dollars is a possibility if they don’t get an agreement next spring because that’s when the oil really starts to build and you can have a billion barrels of oil with really no place to put it.”

This comes at a time when there are already a whole host of signs that the global economy is slowing down.  Three of the ten largest economies on the planet have already slipped into recession, and the economic nightmare over in Europe just continues to get even worse.  In fact, we just learned that the unemployment rate in Italy has shot above 13 percent for the first time ever recorded.

In addition, it is important to remember that the “real economy” in the United States is in far worse shape than it was just prior to the last financial crash.  Just consider these numbers…

-In the United States today, the number of payday lending locations is greater than the number of McDonald’s and the number of Starbucks.

-One recent survey found that about 22 percent of all Americans have had to turn to a church food panty for assistance.

-This year, almost one out of every five households in the United States celebrated Thanksgiving on food stamps.

-The rate of government dependence in America is at an all-time high and approximately 60 percent of U.S. households get more in transfer payments from the government than they pay in taxes.

-According to a report that was just released by the National Center on Family Homelessness, the number of homeless children in the U.S. has soared to a new all-time record high of 2.5 million.

If things are this bad now, what are they going to look like after the next great financial crash?

And without a doubt, the next crash is coming.  Hopefully we have at least a couple more months of relative stability, but many experts are now urgently warning that time is quickly running out.

By this time next year, Black Friday may look a whole lot different than it does today.

This article first appeared at The Economic Collapse: Did We Just Witness The Last Great Black Friday Celebration Of American Materialism?

About the author:

Michael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

Read his new book The Beginning of the End


By Melissa Melton –  The Daily Sheeple  

Remember that George Romero movie from the late 1970s? Dawn of the Dead?

Everything about this year’s Black Friday is even more gag-inducing than previous years. Maybe it’s just me, or maybe it’s because people do not realize how dire things really are here in America, but the fact that people continue to act like a bunch of mindless zombie sheep who would last out at each other over blu ray players and blenders makes me weep for humanity.

Oh, apparently it isn’t even Black Friday anymore. They’ve stretched it out into a four-day event:

(Photo: Kev Baker, Facebook)

Did you know the top .01% of Americans now own as much as the bottom 90%? And of course that is underestimated because there’s tons of hidden wealth current figures don’t even take into account. Regardless, our wealth gap and the inequality here in America may be the highest anywhere in the world ever in recorded modern history…

And still people act like this every year:

Because nothing says holiday spirit and cheer like beating each other bloody over a six-dollar toaster made by Chinese people who live in work shop houses where the conditions are so bleak and horrible, the factory owners have to literally put nets up around the building to try and keep the workers from committing suicide at any minute.


Back to clueless First World Problems, this year photographers were waiting to capture the Black Friday carnage. Why?

Because like clockwork every year people stampede, trample each other, fight and get arrested…to buy crap on sale.

Check this one out from ABC News/Good Morning America:


Supposedly these people are fighting over a bargain flat screen TV in a Walmart subsidiary called Asda in London, but the whole thing looks terribly staged with all those cameras right there at the ready.

What else. A fight that broke out in the food court at the Annapolis mall caused shoppers to panic because they thought there was an active shooter in the building.

Several women who wound up in a fight at a Kohl’s department store in the middle of the night also wound up arrested. One woman had to be taken to the hospital with facial lacerations.

Another man blooded someone’s nose in a mall parking lot after he was kicked out of the mall for his behavior in Indianapolis, and when an off-duty cop tried to break it up and get the guy to leave, the man began punching the cop. Apparently the man’s girlfriend showed up and she also began punching the cop. Both were arrested.

These two women started beating each other at a Victoria’s Secret. Fansided’s Hayden Kane asked, “At some point these people aren’t fighting to get the deals, right? They’re just fighting.”

The list goes on an on. Someone punched someone else over a Barbie at a Walmart in Norwalk. Actually, that reminds me of the year I took on extra hours at a Toys ‘R Us because I was a broke college student and wanted a little extra Christmas money to buy my kid presents. We had to call the police on Black Friday because two women got into a fight over the last Barbie. It was some special edition must-have thing. Apparently they went for it at the same time. One woman bit the other, actually drawing blood to try and get the Barbie out of her hand. She was arrested.

I always wondered, if the biter had gotten the Barbie that way and made it to the checkout without being handcuffed and dragged out of the store first, and she actually wrapped it up and put it under her Christmas tree, how would she explain the blood stains on it to her kid?

That brings me back to Dawn of the Dead.

Watch this clip at about 1:50 or so:

“What are they doing? Why do they come here?”

“Some kind of instinct. Memory of what they used to do. This was an important place in their lives.”


An important place in their lives?

More like a ritual they’ve been brainwashed to repeat year after year.

This is how people here act because… Christmas sales.

Not the threat of starvation, not the death of the middle class, not the failing economy, not riots, not war, not the depopulation agenda being perpetrated against us all, not a real zombie apocalypse.

Freaking Christmas sales. Cheap plastic crap. Fake plastic trees. Stupid nonsense their television sets told them they just had to have.

Can you imagine what would happen in this country if there was a run on the banks?

If the power grid went down?

If the EBT cards got shut off?

If people devolve into animals and treat each other like this because a TV went on sale for $30 off (a meaningless gesture that shows the thing was probably marked up to begin with anyway), can you imagine what they will do to each other if the sh*t really does hit the fan?

Delivered by The Daily Sheeple

Contributed by Melissa Melton of The Daily Sheeple.

Melissa Melton is a writer, researcher, and analyst for The Daily Sheeple and a co-creator of Truthstream Media with Aaron Dykes, a site that offers teleprompter-free, unscripted analysis of The Matrix we find ourselves living in. Melissa also co-founded Nutritional Anarchy with Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper, a site focused on resistance through food self-sufficiency. Wake the flock up!


By Brian LadaAccuWeather

Much-needed rain will spread over California by the middle of the new week, bringing some relief to the ongoing drought.

A system moving in from the Pacific Ocean will begin to spread rain over the Golden State on Tuesday with rain forecast to continue through much of Wednesday.

While a series of storms have brought rain to parts of northern and central California over the past few weeks, this is going to be the first significant rain event for Southern California since the the spring.

Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, and Fresno could all receive over an inch of rain from this storm with some locations receiving upwards of 2 inches by Wednesday night.

The heaviest rain is expected to move over Southern California on Tuesday on the onset of the rain, remaining steady through Tuesday night before tapering off on Wednesday.

Travel disruptions are possible on both Tuesday and Wednesday with rain reducing visibility for drivers and causing delays at the airport.

Interactive Radar
Ken Clark’s Western Weather Blog MinuteCast™ for Los Angeles

While this single rain event will likely have a small impact on the long-term drought, it will have a higher impact in the short term.

Many cities across California have only received a fraction of the rainfall that they typically see during the month of November.

City Rainfall in November Percent of Normal
Los Angeles 0.18 17%
San Diego 0.37 37%
San Francisco 0.87 37%
Fresno 0.39 36%
Palm Springs 0.07 13%
Bakersfield 0.01 2%

Rainfall totals are for the month of November through Nov. 28.

Despite the benefits the rain will bring in relation to the drought, it will also bring some negative impacts to those across the state.

Bouts of torrential downpours can result in localized flooding, especially in urban areas and in valleys.

In the most extreme cases, several inches of rain around mountainous terrain could trigger a few mudslides.

This could turn out to be the biggest rain event in Los Angeles since the end of February when a system dumped over 4 inches on the city.

Drier conditions are forecast to return to much of California by Thursday, making for better conditions for those looking to spend time in the outdoors.

However, a few showers may linger around over northern California and along the state’s coast as the storm tracks across the Plains.

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