One comment on “Amber Vinson Was Contagious for FOUR DAYS Before Her Official Diagnosis

  1. Again we have absolutely nothing to worry about as President Obama has just appointed an “Ebola Czar to handle this serious problem” in one Ron Klain Esq a ling time Obama supporter, Democrat party member and adviser to Joe Biden and Al Gore. Although this attorney Klain has absolutely no background at all in Health Care, he will be “managing” the situation and reporting to the White House as well as two female supervisory members on staff at the white House.

    Now some may say but wait was it not the White House’s previous insistence that government departments were coordinating the federal response to the presence of Ebola in the US successfully even without a single figurehead heading up the effort and appointing a so-called Ebola “czar”?

    The answer of course is YES but again, not to worry because Ron Klain, the lawyer, also worked for Al Gore when he was vice-president and is currently general counsel of an investment group, and he will be responsible for making sure that state and federal agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Department for Homeland Security are working more effectively to track possible exposure to the disease.

    They say that Mr. Klain, comes to the job with strong management credentials, extensive federal government experience overseeing complex operations and good working relationships with leading members of Congress, as well as senior Obama administration officials, including the president,” said a senior administration official in a statement emailed to reporters on Friday.

    So again not to worry even though we have an acting Surgeon General with extensive training and history with pandemic outbreaks, because he’s not needed as the Pres. is in control.

    Nor is their any need for the FDA whose responsibility is for Public Health and fighting Pandemics again because the Pres. is in control and certainly there is no need for NIAID which is the Institute for Allergy and Infectious Disease and who has a Lab specifically dedicated in preparing for potential Pandemics.

    Why?…….because the Pres. has it under control with the appointment of an LPP* with no experience whatsoever other than left wing liberal politics. And remember, “we can never let a crisis go to waste.”

    * LPP Licensed Practicing Parasite often times referred to as an attorney at law

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