2 comments on “Prepping Myth: When SHTF You Will Bug Out To The Woods

  1. I’m never sure about articles like this.
    It’s generally “guessed” that the whole of the urban population will flee from townships to the countryside yet the logistics of this are often over looked.

    For example. Take Mr & Mrs (average) BLOBBY and overweight kids.
    Fleeing from their cushy armchairs to the outback.
    On foot, carrying what they need most i.e. TV, IPOD, chocolate, etc.
    Likelihood of them making it out of the driveway? I’m thunking nil to less than nil.

    People are generally stupid BUT most appreciate that staying in a area they know is a lot better than wandering out of their ‘hood.

    Nope I’m guessing that unless people are DRIVEN by some force, the mass exodus will only occur when matters are totally shot to hell and probably left WAY TOO LATE to make a difference.

    Thus hopefully before the big event, I would have bugged out (I’m better in the woods than the steel jungle anyway).

    Bug in by all means,
    There is always something to find if you know where too look, but by the time you’re eating cat food the intelligent would have moved out and established territory for themselves.

    Then what’s harder?
    Taking territory from someone or establishing territory before anyone arrives.

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