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  1. I knew I would get help, see this is for a story were a girl has six arrows in her left shoulder. And Ricky who is basically battle field medic treats them. I didn’t know what to have him do. The arrows are sticking out of her shoulder and no were can I find what to do other than pull it out in mideval times. Help?

  2. Carry cigarettes or a cigar with you. After washing the wound, burn it until it stops. If you do not have anything use your salavia. Then, apply peroxide first, then the salt water. If a vein is bleeding and you can pinch the vein, burn it but when you get to the last burn try to make sure that no air is getting in. An air bubble can cause the heart to hurt like a heart attack but it should work out eventually. I don’t believe in waiting if one is in the bush. Hypothermia will kill when there is extreme blood loss. The blood trapped inside will be absorbed by the body. My grandfather was a medic in the Boer War. I use to know how to make a needle from a pen but I can’t remember. I know that the ink is removed, the pen pushed into a vein, the water kept high, and a paper clip to adjust the flow of salt water. I had my throat slashed when I was about 10. It was in the bush and I crawled to milkweed and did something with the milkweed, like I made a tube or slit a tube and round it around the neck vein and maybe I used the milkweed sap to make it sticky? It should be at one of the North Bay hospitals cause I didn’t want the doctors to remove it. Bullet removal is easy. Remove it and burn the hole after cleaning and wash with peroxide and end it with salt water (but keep washing it with salt water), My grandfather said that a cut should be covered till the bleeding stops but after the bleeding stops the bandages should be removed and the cut aired and keep applying the salt water more than peroxide. Most bullets don’t go far from the layered skin and if they pass the skin or you can’t get it out, push it in and close. His cure for snow blindness was to keep one eye covered and if it was frosting put snot over it and let the snot freeze over and keep it covered. If the other eye is developing snow blindness then take off the crust and reverse it. If eyelids are burnt work vasiline or oil onto the eyeballs to keep the lids from sticking to the eye and drying on the eye and causing blindness…a little off topic.

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  5. Be very careful with closing stab wounds and make sure nothing else is bleeding under the surface. Don’t judge a stab wound by the size. Inmates often use ice pick style weapons that leave very little surface marking but cause deep damage. They also use Vaseline on the blade to seal it when the blade comes out for deception of wound injury. Another trick is to use items like plexiglas which they will break off at the surface leaving the cutting edge to continue to work with movement so immobilize the patient until a complete sweep has been performed. 
Treat multiple stab wound by choosing the ones closest to arteries and organs then work out. Be prepared for the victim to go into shock later.

  6. Bring a lighter to burn it and bring soap or charcoal as the ashes will clean, like with teeth, but you need to wash that out since it’s acidic. At least I figure you’d do that, any advice? Tape and a sewing needle with thread will help.
    For small cuts and stabs I notice pine sap will heal it.

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