2 comments on “The EMP in the Hand of Our Enemies… What to Expect?

  1. It isn’t that an EMP is far fetched. There are a number of problems with using an EMP against the U.S. First is that it is in fact a nuclear attack. Why would any nation attack the U.S. with nuclear weapons that would leave our nuclear capability intact? Of course a terrorist might but then the problem for them is a EMP device is a sophisticated weapon. You can’t smuggle it in or put it in a container and blow it up in the harbor. It must be a carefully crafted nuclear device that is delivered by a rocket and explodes a in the upper atmosphere. Not everyone can do that. If a nuclear device EMP or other is set off in the U.S. within a week we would know where it came from, who made it and even if it was smuggled in who set it off. The response would be nuclear. After all can you imagine something a 1000 times worse the Pearl Harbor with no response. An EMP is just a stupid weapon to use. Russia or China wouldn’t use it because they know we would respond so their attack would ba a massive (2000-4000) conventional nukes in an attempt to destroy our ability to retalliate. They would have no purpose for using an EMP. Then there is the problem of effect. A single EMP would probably disable less then 25% of this country’s electrical and electronics. Studies have determined the most effective effort would require 24 EMP devices set off in a grid pattern. That is at least 24 times more difficult then a single EMP. Even then not everythng electronic would be disabled. AN EMP device would be most effective used by a nuclear super power in a battlefield environment to electronically disable a large force. But then again it is a nuke so why not just nuke them??? EMPs are too problematic to actually use.

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