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  1. Not for nothing Native American were not guardians of nature. They were stone age cultures who had limited abilities in exploiting their environment. For examples, plains Indians culture was in a virtual stand still for centuries until a very fortunate event happened. Horses brought by Spanish Conquistadors escaped from captivity and migrated to the plains. Once the NA populations on the plains got a hold of them they were able to exponentially increase their food supply which led to a massive explosion of culture and technology. Had they been so ecologically minded they would have never thought to tame horses and use them to hunt more than they naturally could. In North, Central and South America there are several cultures which not only learned how to exploit the environment but did so to the point of causing ecological disaster which collapsed their civilizations. NA’s are not saintly beings of ecological purity, they were humans who used every tool in their arsenal to exploit their environment. The only reason they were never able to do the things Europeans, Middle Easterners and Asians in terms of environmental damage was not because they had some special insight into nature, it was merely because they lacked the tools and the materials to allow for such actions, which limited their imagination and ambitions. When they did have such tools (Aztecs, Mayans, Incas) they were about as ecologically mindful as Europeans(not much at all). And before you question that logic the Aztecs were a group of NA’s who migrated from the Central Plains of North America to Mexico, and they engaged in the types of activities which would horrify environmentalist today. Do not glamorize humans, we are destructive and exploitative. Our only limits to that is our resources and our imagination.

    • Too bad your understanding of history is chronologically erroneous. The Xi (Olmecs) predated the Mixtec and Maya by 15K years or so. All genome projects and anthropologists/archeologists and geneticists have proved the migration pattern was So to North not the other way around. Europeans didn’t come en mass to the Americas until the 15th century AD. The indigenous tribes pre-existed the Conquistadors by tens of thousands of years.

      It too the European bubblers 200 years just to make it up the Isthmus, massacring Natives along the way. 100 million to be precise.

      The Americas are the last bastions of Rain Forests in the World. They wouldn’t exist if we hadn’t protected them. Including farming within their confines.

      Now let’s discuss all those rain forests in Europe. The youngest civilization in the world. Oh yeah, they no exist.

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