5 comments on “How To Get Your Wife On-board With Prepping

    • I face this very problem; my husband isn’t AGAINST prepping so much as he is just plain apathetic. He doesn’t give me a hard time about my interest in and growing collection of firearms, and is tolerant of me spending money (not too much though!) on ammo and other small prep items, but just has other priorities in his life…seems like he can only focus on one thing at a time, and at this point it is just work work work…any suggestions?

      • I’m sorry it’s taken so long to reply.
        Money man eh?

        Just ask him one thing.
        What happens if he loses his job, or economic collapse happens, and he can’t find work.
        After all the bills will still be arriving.
        What are his plans for that eventuality?

        Money or work orientated people can’t seem to cope with that scenario and will struggle to find an answer.

        Then hit him with economic collapse has also shut down the banks, made the credit cards useless, shops are closed, you won’t be able to source fuel, and eventually the water will stop and lights fade to black. What are his plans?

        Then if all else fails, attack the mans stomach.
        “engineer” empty cupboards. When he says whats for supper say “there is nothing left”.
        Why, because the shops are empty and I’ve not been able to resupply at the drop of a hat.
        Most men will crumple at the prospect of a rumbling tummy.

  1. Get the wife on board? Fo’ Shizzle you say!
    Bubba ya got two cars and when she gets mad she locks herself in one car and redlines the engine sitting in the driveway till it blows up.
    Then she gets in the other car and while driving it she neglects to check water, oil fuel and then blows it up.
    She has no spare money and cannot balance a check book.
    Her sisters all three are dumber than her and she is the one elected to take care of them at all costs.
    They are worse than she is.
    On board? Hell you can’t even follow a diet because well, hell it’s not HER diet.
    Prepping with a wife like this means planning on disappearing before she wakes up.
    The kids? Hell, He didn’t even call his mother on mother’s day.
    >just for sheets and giggles sarcasm<
    Solo Prepping is the way to go, plan only for your personal survival because no one in that situation can be relied on to be on board.
    Not your wife, your kids or your buddies.

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