8 comments on “Which to Choose: Survival Knife Vs. Survival Axe

  1. call me crazy but, why wouldn’t you have one of each. this conversation would be more appropriate if it were machete or ax.

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  4. Good article, Andy! Gotta love those Gransfors. I still have my original Hunter that I bought 10 years ago. Still going strong and it’s only just finished stretching, ready for the years of work ahead.

  5. I used to carry a big hunting knife. Now I carry a folding knife (leatherman surge at the moment) and an Estwing #2 axe. It is small. Only 12″ long and weights almost as much as the knife I used to carry. You can probably do everything the small axe can do with a big knife. Just not as fast and/or easy. I am not a prepper but I would pack my Glock Fieldmesser 78 before the Estwing axe if I do have to pack a bug out bag.

  6. Good article, Josh.

    I would vote on a survival axe, as it’s more versatile. And if you use a blade cover (or one that connects to the handle as a sawblade), learn to hold the axe differently, you eliminate 3 of the cons you listed.

    But as with all survival gear, each item is unique to the user. To each his own.

    Have a great day.

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